1. Master and His Pet Slave

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Domination / Submission, Job / Office Sex, Male Domination, Straight Sex, Author: master223, Source: sexstories.com

    One particular afternoon master was feeling extra horny and wanted his slave to do dirty things more so than usual. He texted his pet and told his slave that she was gonna be his actual pet later and she will have to wait and see what is in store for later keeping her guessing and on her toes. He then texted her that somehow, some way, she had to figure out how to call him "sir" at work without drawing any attention to herself. He wanted her to know that at any point in time, she was his and she was to please him with whatever requests he could creatively come up with. So later on in the day, Master had asked his slave various questions and she answered like any normal person would. Then she saw her opportunity and she took it. Everyone was ordering out for lunch and master had asked her if she would like to order out as well. She replied, "yes sir" in a singing kind of voice, trying to make it sound like she was just being a southern polite girl. She smiled inside knowing that master would be very pleased she completed a task. His eyes tore deep into hers letting her know that he recognized her obedience and she was wet imstamtly from the moment he gazed upon her. The day went on like any normal day. Master was teasing his slut and making her go off and do slutty things in private only they knew about. He reminded her that he would be stopping by later and to be clean and ready for master with her gem in her ass like he wanted. She was so excited to see this text, she ... almost came instantly but fought the urge because she knew she needed permission first. The day was just about over and slave was anxious to get home so she could be ready for master. She knew master didnt like to be kept waiting. She needed to double check her morning shaving to make sure she had no hairs that were left behind or her behind would pay the price in glorious redness. So, she quickly cleaned herself up, put in her gem, hair up in a ponytail how master liked it, blue thong on, nipple clamps on with the silvery chain, and was waiting by the couch on her knees, head down ass up awaiting her next instruction. Master pulled up quietly, used his key he that had asked for when slave first got her place and came in quietly locking the door behind him. He strolled over to his slut and told her to raise her head but keep her eyes closed. She did as she was told for she knew if she didn't, master would punish her according to his pleasurable needs. She felt the cold metal go around her neck and she whimpered from its coolness. She heard a clasp fasten around the other end and then she felt a yank on her neck. Master told her to open her eyes and she noticed the shiny metal chain linked to her neck which was held in the hands of her master. He had grabbed her chin and pulled it upward so she could look her master in the eyes. "I told you I would make you my pet today remember?" And slave replied, "yes master". Now walk with me a bit. Slave started to get up and he yanked on the ...