1. Native Claim

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Cannibalism, Lesbian, Author: ninja5, Source: sexstories.com

    Native Claim. By ninja5 “What don’t we know Billings?” Jared Eppsworth project director for the Pacific exploration unit’s surgical voice came over the computer speaker. Jillian typed the question and paused looking at Mr Billings who always spoke as if she were not in the room. Jillian held her painted fingers over the keys waiting for Billings to speak with haste as he had the entire satellite video chat. Billings checked his gold wrist watch despite the time being displayed on the monitor. The satellites would move out of position soon and Billings had a plan to disclose. One that he didn’t want the powers that be to interfere with. For the bulk of the negotiations with the island chain nations that Jillian, the bright young intern, had served as stenographer for, Billings had spoken hastily to his superior. Billings was Eppsworth senor in years, not position, and he constantly raced through conversations as if to make up time so he could slow down when it came to matter he thought pertinent. ‘Bright young intern’, Jillian thought to herself in the pause. The corner of her mouth twitched. In reality she knew she’d landed the secretive assignment over the other two interns because she had a current passport and didn’t get seasick. Jillian sat opposite Billing’s on the cargo ships mess tiny hall. The metal walls of the mess hall were cream to waist level, then navy grey down to the deck. Apex oil had detected what could be a sizeable deposit under an island chain that ... ran parallel to the China Sea, but still in the Pacific territories. The cargo ship was conscripted so they could go in stealthily and meet with the islands chains Council of Elders and its Chiefs. Legality, directly proof of disclosure of the environmental impact on the island reefs and subsequent fishing if drilling rights were accepted, meant that the petite and pale, copper haired Jillian was swept along with Billings. “The Islands Council has declined our offer, but they are aware of what they are sitting on now. Perhaps they know China will pay double what we are offering due to the proximity to their coast.” Billings had indeed slowed down. Jillian typed Billings’ comments. “For fucks sake Billings. The deal would have increased their economy tenfold. How can you fuck that up? These are inbreed pigmies with spears.” Eppsworth mood shifted dramatically to the point he didn’t car e what was recorded on the transcript. He answered to the shareholders and Apex oil had projected the next annum’s profits based on Billings closing this deal. After all, he had a reputation of doing whatever it takes. Jillian flashed her emerald green eyes at him in the camaraderie and admiration. Billings noticed the dazzling eyes smiling at him. He was above her reassurances. She had been trying to win Billings over for a good word when they got back, maybe even a spot on his staff. Billings was immune to it, but Jillian’s lithe figure and submissive charm made her quiet appealing around the ...