1. Cheyenne 1

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Fiction, Romance, Author: Pussyeeter, Source: sexstories.com

    Growing up was not very hard at all. I had great parents that wanted the best for me. I was a military brat for a number of years, as a result I moved around a lot and had been in several different countries. I loved my life. We moved back to the states when I was 12 years old since my dad had gotten reassigned. My name is Ikaika. My dad had met my mother in California. She was full blooded Hawaiian and she taught me the true meaning of aloha. She never stopped teaching me that meaning, and what goes into having the aloha spirit. She and my father both raised me teaching me about respect. As I got older they started to teach me how to treat women. They taught me that women are to be treated with respect. Through their teachings I started to treat every girl I met like the people they were. It became so normal for me that I could never wrap my head around certain things. For example, why the hell would men call a girl out of her name, especially if it was their spouse or significant other? It made me sick to see how some girls were treated. We would go to Hawaii a lot and my Ohana there would teach me the same things. It was a part of me. So yes, I am a nice guy. I didn't care if that it left me in the "friends zone" as it were. I respected the girls thoughts, and feelings. As a result I had a lot of friends, both popular and not so popular. I treated everyone the same regardless. Unfortunately it was also my down fall in some aspects, and I'll get to that later. Anyway more ... about me. If you are poly then you will understand this. My mom was the light skinned Hawaiian. She had red hair and fair skin, but she was Kapuna. My dad was houlie, or white if you will. He was a very good man, and was always very respectful. My moms aloha spirit bled off onto my dad. So much so that people on the mainland and other countries swore up and down that he was Hawaiian also just by his actions. My dad was very tall, he had dark hair and bright green eyes. I got his eyes and brown hair. I had natural red highlights from my mom. I stood 6'3 by the time I was 14 years old and was still growing. I wasn't in the greatest shape at all. And though I hate to admit it, I had a small dick. For a guy my size I thought I would have a large one, but that wasn't the case. So here I was, fat with a small dick. That didn't do much to bolster my self confidence at all. My dad finally retired from the military and got a job in IT. He was to make very excellent money, and the best part was that we moved to South Carolina where his Ohana lived. I loved his side of the family as well, so I was excited to finally see them. I hadn't even started school yet and my dad hadn't been working very long. One night we were driving down an old country road in he middle of no where. It was dark since there weren't very many lights. I still to this day have no memory of what happened. All I do remember was that I woke up in the hospital. I only remember bits and pieces of my hospital stay. When I ...