1. Vampire: Stories of days past 4

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Bisexual, Straight Sex, Gay, Teen, Author: Lynch.Stevens, Source: sexstories.com

    Author’s note: This story didn’t really sit convertible with me from the moment I posted it. Looking at the rates you guys agree. So I’ve desided to rewrite it a bit, hopefully for the better. ========================================================================================== The sound of a door closing woke up Jake from a restless night, or had it been day? Having been in the boarded up room, had him lose all sense of time. Restrained by his broken leg and arm, the sleep he would get was terrible. This in turn also didn’t help getting grips on the passing of hours. He looked in the direction were the sound had come from, hoping to see the door beyond light’s reach. A few moments he lay there staring at the dark corner, finally he gave up. His eyes started wandering around like he had many times before. The dim light on the side table didn’t expose not much, not that there would have been lots of things to be exposed. A few steps from the bed Jake had been laying the last few days, a table stood filled with some bottles, a couple of mugs and a few scraps of food. The tall chair Marius usually would sit in was pulled against it. In the direction his feet were pointing he barely could notice a cupboard, some knickknacks reflecting the dull light. In the far corner a makeshift kitchen was the last thing to be seen. Marius was not to be seen, making this the first time he was alone since his fall from the balcony. Jake wondered if anyone noticed him disappearing and if ... people were looking for him. His mom being a single parent worked double shifts as a nurse, so he rarely saw her. Even if he did, Jake left her a note telling he would stay at Michael’s the whole weekend. In the holyday usually this meant “I’m away till I’m back”. Michael in turn wouldn’t be looking for him after the way they parted. Maybe Lisa would… his heart skipped a beat. After everything he went through his thoughts never came back to the fact Lisa walked in on them with Barry. What did she plan on doing with Barry, the thought of them both in a lustful embrace flashed thought his mind. Quickly wanting to lose this image he forced his thoughts onwards. Why did she turn up just then and not earlier? If she did Jake wouldn’t have walked on the porch, also wouldn’t have met Mari. His heart sank at the thought of not knowing Marius. Something about him was strangely appealing, he just couldn’t tell what. His handsome appearance made him the kind of person every girl would want to be with and every man wanting to be him. Or was it how he held himself? Full of confidence, every movement seeming to be calculated, every word weighed a dozen times. With a grin Jake thought the slight accent didn’t hurt either. Even though the state he was in, he did enjoy spending time with him. The stories he told sounded impossible, but at least entertaining of not anything else. Going through them again in his thoughts he started to notice a stiffness making its presence known by pressing ...