1. Kindling A Cuckold

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Cuckold, Author: angieseroticpen, Source: LushStories

    Sara sighed as she stared at the bookcase in the study. Dust was beginning to gather on the shelves and she stood at the ready with duster in hand. They were both avid readers and had quite a collection with topics ranging from Biography’s to DIY. There were also lots of thrillers and murder mystery books. She quite liked Ruth Rendell and Brian liked Jeffrey Archer. They also had a few erotica books but they were kept elsewhere. Her dad was also an avid reader and they sometimes borrowed books off one other. Sara once had ‘The Story of O’ on the shelf and he had spotted it. Brian had told him that he had bought a box of second hand books from a church jumble sale and that book had been amongst them. It was a part truth. He had actually bought a box of books but that one hadn’t been amongst them. She wasn’t sure whether or not he had believed him but sometimes she smiled to herself about it. The thought of ‘daddy’s princess’ married to a man who read BDSM books and one as hardcore as that, tickled her; especially as it had been she that had purchased it. She smiled to herself thinking about it again. As she began to wipe the shelves she remembered something that she had heard on a chat show a few days ago. Someone had said that you can always judge the literacy of a household by comparing the size of the television screen to that of the family library. Many homes these days had huge TV screens and no book shelves. She wasn’t sure if the interviewee was being a tad snobbish ... or not. They had a widescreen TV and books; besides, with the advent of the Kindle and other devices today it kind of put that theory to bed. They both had Kindles. Brian’s sat on the bookshelf and Sara picked it up. He had been using it a lot lately. Sara stepped back and opening it up. It sprang to life. Like herself, Brian liked to bookmark pages and she opened it up. A page lit up on the screen. ‘Enid turned at the sound of a tap on the kitchen window. It was Billy, a neighbour from a few doors down. He had a smile on his face and a familiar twinkle in his eye. She beckoned him in and he came through the door just as Pete entered the kitchen. Billy stopped smiling and became hesitant. “Good morning Billy,” Enid said, “What can we do for you?” Pete sat down next to her at the kitchen table. Billy remained silent. “It’s okay; you can speak in front of Pete.” He opened his mouth to speak but words would not come. Enid reached out with her hand and clasped his groin. “Want this sorting again do you?” Billy looked at Pete but he remained passive. “It’s okay Billy,” she told him. “Pete doesn’t mind, do you?” she asked as she turned to him and grasped his bulge as well. Both men’s groins began to swell. “So is it a fuck that you have come round for?” Billy looked warily at Pete and nodded. “Say it Billy.” Billy looked at her. “Y... yes, I would like to fuck you.” “Well you know where the bedroom is,” she told him. “See you up there in a few minutes.” Billy walked away with his ...