1. The game

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Mature, Author: funforus288, Source: xHamster

    As Diana lost more weight she was becoming increasingly more and more rampant. I did think that I would not be able to keep up with all her cravings for cock. We visited the cinema one afternoon and we were the only ones in there. She had on black tights a long black skirt and some high boots, which looked fantastic. She also put on a black top and wore a lacy black all in one underneath. As we sat waiting for the lights to go down I slipped my hands down and pulled up her skirt. The lights went. She parted her legs for me and I began to rub her vigorously. She panted to me that I would have to rip her tights, so I could finger her properly which I did. We didn't notice at first that a man had come in and had sat behind us. Diana glanced around and she said that we were being watched I said do you mind and she said no. It only made it better. She came quickly. I asked her what her ultimate fantasy was. She started to tell me that she wanted to be ****d. Not by one man either. But by a big gang of men. And that she wanted to do this properly. I asked what she meant by &#034properly.&#034 She said that she wanted to be chased and caught and that she would make some attempt to fight them off but ultimately they would win and she would end up being gang fucked. By as many men that wanted her. The thought of this excited me no end but I reckoned that it was only a fantasy and that it would be impossible to do. I didn't realize at the time that the chap sitting behind us had other ... thoughts. We left the cinema and went for a drink. While in the pub I noticed the man that had sat behind us in the pictures came in. He went to the bar at the same time as I had got up to get more drinks. We chatted for a while about the movie and he said that he had enjoyed our show far more than what he had seen up on the screen! I invited him over to meet Diana. We sat and I introduced Diana to him. He commented on what a very sexy lady she was. Diana laughed and said that since she had been on a diet she had indeed become ever more rampant. And that she had lots of BAD thoughts. This chap said he had heard all that she had said about her fantasy and that his wife had had the same one for years. He told us that there was a local club, which was secret, which catered for these female whims, and that his wife had gone out with this club to a local wood. He wouldn't say much more about it, except to say that his wife had had the time of her life. Diana seemed to be getting excited herself about this and asked this chap if it was true. He said that it was. Completely true. And he took out a small package which he gave to us. He said that they were photos of his wife's &#034night out&#034 and that we weren't to look at them now but to take a look at them in private. The man gave us a forwarding address to return the photos and he left. Later on that night we were at home. On the bed. I was being sucked off by my horny wife. I was fingering her again. She said let's see those ...