1. A Country Girl's First Party

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, Drug, First Time, Humiliation, Teen, Group Sex, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Teen, First Time, Written by women, Author: nnblze, Source: sexstories.com

    She was two weeks away from seventeen when she went to Matt Davison’s end of the year party. With long, pretty blonde hair, wide, curious blue eyes, she was the poster child for both the Midwest and innocence. Her name was Catherine, and she wasn’t really a big party goer, but hell, she was almost seventeen and she wanted to talk to some real, honest-to-god boys. Because of her high and mighty all girls school, she didn’t even know how men’s voices were supposed to sound like anymore. Her own father was a redneck lowlife she didn’t speak to, and her mother never brought anyone home. And out on the farm - there was no wifi to watch any kind of videos, sexual or not. So, yes, when Mary asked her to come with her to Matt Davison’s famous end of the year bash, she readily said yes. The day of she and a small group of girls she really didn’t know all went to Mary’s house, trying on makeup and dresses for hours until it was time to go. For her part, she chose a simple pair of blue, roughed up jeans and a halter top that barely showed any cleavage. The other girls went a little more daring - wearing tiny skirts and push up bras. Catherine could only look at them with envy. “Are you ready to go, Cat?” Mary asked, plucking her lips in the bathroom room. “Uh huh.” She replied slowly, blushing a bit at her large grin. Mary laughed and grabbed her hand. The pair joined the little group and off they went. The party was being held on Juniper Street, which was comforting since the street ... had a total of two houses/farms on it. There were miles between the farms, and miles to the next street. They could make as much noise as they wanted, and Catherine really doubted the cops would come around. Who would complain? The cows? “I can’t wait to get wasted. Have you ever drank before, Cat?” The blonde chirped up. “I’ve had some moonshine before.” She told them proudly. The other girls looked impressed, even judgmental. The truth was she had a sip her uncle made about two years prior, and she had immediately spit it out, making her entire family laugh. But the group didn’t need to know that. “Wow. I think Billy is bringing some Apple Pie Moonshine. Gonna try it with me?” Mary asked the group. The other girls looked wary and just laughed. “I will.” Catherine shrugged, and Mary smiled, clapping her hands together. An hour later, the pair were harassing Billy for little more moonshine. The boy was a tall ginger, and Catherine found him cute. But then, she found every single guy there interesting, one way or another. “This is really strong girls.” he warned, hesitant to pour more. Mary giggled. “It tastes like fucking cinnamon, kid. Gimme.” she whined, and Catherine thought maybe they were drunk. As soon as they had arrived, they started on beer, before moving onto whiskey and cokes, and then the Moonshine. “Do a shot of tequila instead. That might be better for you.” “Oh!” Catherine exclaimed, forgetting the realization that she was drunk. “Let’s do that. I’ve never had ...