1. Breaks of the Game Chapter 3

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Mature, Author: kscorn079, Source: LushStories

    At precisely five a.m. Spade was brought out of a deep sleep by a loud pounding on the door. Sitting up with eyes wide and breaking out in a cold sweat, he growls, "Damn woman, you didn't happen to be a goddamned Marine gunny did ya?" "I coulda been, but I wanted to be a cop, now you eating with me or what?" Spade smiles as he hears a soft laugh outside the door. "Can I shower first or do you want me to smell like a goat?" Nikkie giggles, "Do what you like, smell however you like, just don't run the horses off." "Great, I'll have steak, eggs and coffee and I'll be ready in five minutes." "Bullshit mister, you'll have eggs, hash browns and bacon same as me. I'll toss the coffee in for free." Nikkie is busy in the kitchen when there is a sudden loud yell from the bathroom. "Holy shit! Hey, the damn water is like ice." "That's right. Now you know how I knew you wouldn't be ready in five minutes. Usually takes about fifteen minutes after I take my shower." Fifteen minutes later, a grumbling Spade comes in and sits down at the table to a cup of steaming coffee. "If this is the way you treat all your guests, I can see why you don't have much business." "Well, you're not a guest mister. You're a ranch hand and if you don't be nice to me, I might shoot you in the ass just to hear ya bitch. Oh and by the way, you have to babysit my pooch too. I usually have to take him into town with me while I'm working. He's too little to leave outside, the eagles will grab him." Spade finishes off ... four eggs and hash browns with bacon and biscuits. "Okay, bosslady, have you got a picture that you want me to go by for building a corral, or shall I just do it?" "Tell you what, I bought enough pipe to build a hundred foot square. You look at the stuff I have out there, and you build it and I'll love it. As long as the top rail is six foot, it's however you want to do it. When I get home tonight, I'll help you anyway I can. Just remember I'm just a poor, weak, lil' ol' lady." Spade looks at her, "Yea right, and now who is full of shit? Now I know why your eyes are brown." They both laugh and Nikkie takes her computer out and puts it in her cruiser. Spade comes out grinning. Remember, don't come home with any holes in ya, lady." "I'll try not to. You got the place to yourself mister, don't burn it down and I'll seeya tonight. Cell phone number is on the wall by the phone." "Take care Nikkie, seeya tonight." With a wave of her hand, Nikkie leaves in a cloud of dust and flying gravel. Spade walks back to the house, the little dog running in front. He stops and looks around, the sky beginning to brighten. He takes a deep breath and says to himself, "Damn Spade, this is starting to look like home." By the time he finishes another cup of coffee, the sun is peeking over the hills to the east. He drags two bales of hay from the barn, shredding it into the feed bunk as the horses gather around sandwiching him between them. He feels lucky to escape with only getting his foot stepped ...