1. Finially!!

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Anal, First Time, Gay, Author: Lonerwolf25, Source: xHamster

    Ok so last night.. I called a friend to hang out!! ( backstory he is gay an thinks I am hott an has wanted to do things with me for a long time now.) Ok so John showed up I walked out an got into his car. So until last night I had never let another guy touch me or anything but have wanted to but just to scared to. Well anyways I was wearing some gym shorts an a shirt. So I got into his car an we started driving I told him that we should drive out into the country an as we are leaving town he puts his hand on my thigh. ( I was already horny an wanting to try something) I pulled my shorts off exposing my cock as well as my shirt. He said &#034 that's a big Dick an your not even hard&#034 I just smiled an told him to find somewhere to pull over privately. As I lean over an pull his cock out (which was rock hard! Lol) I told him that I had never done this before so hear with me... As I swallow his short fat cock. He instantly starts moaning say Fuck if you haven't done that before. I just kept sucking his cock. Then I grabbed it with my hand an stroked him slowly! An told him he needs to hurry an pull over. He finally pulls over. He takes my cock in his hands an slowly starts stroking it. Then he looks at me An swallows all of my cock. As it gets harder an harder in his mouth. Starts choking an can't fit it all in his mouth. I push him off my cock. Grab his pants an pull them off an lean all the way over to suck his cock. (which conveniently puts my ass up in the air ;) I start ... sucking his cock an he starts rubbing his hands up an down my body. I feel it getting closer an closer to my ass. ( which is what I am wanting so bad!!) So I start kinda moving my ass around to where his hand would get closer to my hole!! He moves his hand an finally his finger slid against my hole. He started circling it with his fingers, so with my off hand I reach back an put a finger in my ass as deep as I can. He then says oh so that's what your wanting as I am shaking my head yes not missing a second of sucking my first cock!! He then spits on his fingers an starts fingering me !! (OMG I AM LOVING IT!!) So I start moaning my cock is rock hard now an as he is fingering me he starts stroking my cock. I moan louder an louder. I then feel his cock start to stiffen so I stop sucking an stop stroking. I turned around an told him to eat my ass while he strokes me.( also told him that he wasn't getting off yet) I am literally getting tongue fucked an jerked off by a guy. So after he eats me for a few I push his tongue out of my ass an get out of the car... He asks what I am doing I told him if he wants me than he needs to cum outside, he gets out as well I go to the front of the car an he finally gets out an I walk up to him grab his cock an lead him to the hood of the car. I push him to bend him over the car. I push him back to bent over an dive my tongue right deep into his ass. Letting out a loud moan. As I am eating his ass I am working my fingers into his ass. I stand up an ...