1. "Nothing but Love"

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: True Story, BDSM, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Discipline, Domination / Submission, Straight Sex, Hardcore, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Spanking, Author: HylianAlchemist, Source: sexstories.com

    She spent the day in shambles, prepping here, prepping there, and doing everything he commanded of her. She went through the checklist in her head: Shaving? Done. Makeup? Perfect. Outfit? Tantalizing, just as her master ordered. She sat by the door, tapping her foot nervously as her phone lay motionless, lifeless. She glanced every so often, her mind imagining the magical ring, signifying her escape from the hell of her home. The waiting was agonizing. Three times she has done this before, and three times felt these emotions. But never was there true release; only in his arms did she feel at peace. After what felt like ages, she saw the screen flash, the phone buzz, and the tone come to life. She scrambled quickly, nearly dropping it in her angst, as the message read ‘She’s finally gone, it’s just you and me now. I’ll be here waiting to do everything we discussed slave. Cannot wait to see you.” With that she sprang up from her chair and hurried out the door, carefully closing it behind her. She scurried down to her car on the curb, a small smile across her lips as anticipation raced through her, the adrenaline of what was to come surged before he had even laid a hand on her. She knew what was coming, and she could not wait. As she beamed, the car’s engine ignited, the radio blared, and the metal box lurched forward, leaving her life of normalcy behind her for just a while. It will still be there when she returns, even if she never remains the same. The drive is not long, ... only 20 miles or so, but the traffic is a nightmare. What is normally a leisurely pace now seemed to only inch forward, her patience dwindling at the same rate as the speedometer. However her excitement never ceases. Throughout her drive her Master sends her messages of lust filled words, knowing the toll they take on her psyche. When the car had to halt, she would glance down and look, reading the lewd acts that she knew were to follow already had her breathing ragged, heart racing and pulse thumping. After many more messages she finally just stopped looking all together, the heat from her sex almost becoming too much, the need to pleasure herself rising. If she gave in, she knew she would be punished. She was told to save herself for this day, to hold off as long as possible… and she was so close. Eventually, her car pulled to a stop for a final time, right in front of his home. She cut the engine and stepped out, her tight dress riding up as she got out. She pulled the dress down, suddenly aware of where she was, and surveyed the neighborhood, checking for any wandering eyes that may be suspicious of her presence. Finding none, she hurried to the door, knocking in their code: rap, rap rap rap, rap rap rap, rap. Footsteps pound behind the door and the sound of metal scraping and moving resonates through the oak of the door, and the hinges creak inward, opening the ending the barrier between Master and Slave. He stands in the doorway, looking down at his property, examining her ...