1. The Devil's Pact Chapter 23: The Last Boon

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    The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 Chapter Twenty-three: The Last Boon Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. Violet lay panting on the couch, my cum trickling out of her cunt. I was enjoying the cock Lilith gave me as part our bargain. For the next two hours, I would have the cock. I knew why Lilith wanted me to have the cock as her price. It had nothing to do with her wanting to give me a pleasant experience. No, she was hoping I would become addicted to the pleasure, to be unable to give it up. Lilith had bitter resentment to all us humans, and seemed to delight in causing us misery. Once before, she tried to tempt me to use my boon to Mark's detriment. And part of me wanted to keep the cock, I was disturbed to learn. Particularly as our goth slut, Lillian, knelt down and started licking my cum out of Violet's tight cunt. My cock was hardening again. Lilith also gave me incredible stamina and watching Lillian, dressed as a perverts wet dream in a slutty, schoolgirl outfit, eat out innocent-looking Violet's creampie was getting me hard and ready to go again. Around the room, the sluts were fucking each other. They were all present, save Willow, Jessica and Noel, who had day jobs. The other ten were enjoying themselves. God, I could fuck all these girls if I kept my cock. No, what about Mark. Part of me ached for him. Part of me was mad at him for the hurtful things he said. But that was just the spell, I had to keep telling myself. Right now, Mark was up ... upstairs fucking his younger sister, Antsy. Whatever spell afflicted them seemed to make Mark and Antsy desire each other, and only each other. Mark no longer found me attractive. Or any of our sluts, or even any other women. Just his sister Antsy. At noon, if I was strong enough, Lilith would tell me about the spell. In the mean time, my cock was hard and I had this insistent drive to stick my cock up whatever hole was willing. God, no wonder guys were such horny bastards with this thing between their legs tugging at their thoughts, just aching to be stuck in something, anything to get some relief. Xiu was tonging Karen's ass. I had enjoyed raping Karen's ass when we were punishing her. Karen was a nun, once, and had tried to take our powers away. Thanks to Lilith, we broke her powers and made her our sex slave. Her ass was smooth, and firm, and I just wanted to thrust my cock up it. “Move,” I ordered Xiu. The busty, Asian slut saw my cock and smiled happily, spreading Karen's ass open for me, exposing her tight, brown asshole. “She's ready for you, Mistress.” “Oh yes, please use my dirty ass, Mistress” Karen moaned, wiggling her hips. I rubbed my cock on her puckered hole, pushing slowly, savoring the wicked feeling on my cock shoving into Karen's tight ass. The ring gave way and I was sliding inside her. Karen moaned like a wanton bitch as I filled her up. She was so warm and tight, I groaned, low and throaty, as the head of my cock rubbed against the silky walls of her ass, ...