1. The Curious Incident of the Girl in the Night-Time

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Seduction, Author: Shannon3K, Source: LushStories

    Some internet sex sites classify a girl like me as “Bi-Curious.” I wasn’t sure if that was an accurate description, so I did what any twenty-four-year-old girl would do: I checked Wikipedia. There I was! ( bi-curious applies to a heterosexual individual who has little or no homosexual experience and has some curiosity about a relationship or sexual activity with a person of the sex they do not favor ) I am certainly heterosexual, almost to a fault. I’d been with about a dozen men since... er... well... my twenty-fourth birthday three months ago. I knew how to snag a guy and get whatever I wanted, or needed, from him. I did so rather often, and I was happy that I could. I really enjoy sex, and I like men almost as much as men seem to like me. But there was this girl at work who, whenever I saw her, just really stirred my imagination. I didn’t see her often enough to suit me. The copying machine is just in view of my minuscule cubicle. I can see her when she is making copies. She sort of leans on the machine with both elbows as the little light thingy swoops by. She always wears an appealing pencil skirt which accentuates her ass and sheer stockings adorn her shapely legs. Last Thursday, she was making copies, and she was wearing stockings with seams up the back of her legs. I stared so hard I thought that my eyes might fall out of my head or that I would set her ass on fire. When she finished, she walked past my cube and looked in at me and gave me the sweetest little smile. ... I was out of my chair and on my way to the Ladies Room in seconds. It was empty, and I slipped into the stall most distant from the door. I locked myself safely inside and then I pulled my skirt up and my panties down. I pressed my back to the wall, braced myself and eased my middle two fingers into my glistening slit. I imagined that ass, those legs, that smile. I used my other hand to stroke my clit, then used that same hand to cover my mouth as I emitted a muffled scream when I had an intense orgasm. I tasted myself on my fingers, not that I was unaccustomed to that, and I decided then and there that I wanted sex with another woman. I am very, very goal orientated. I did not want a relationship with another woman. I wanted to fuck another woman. Well, Friday invariably follows Thursday, and Friday nights are always a good time to hook up. I was out of the house at about eight thirty. I wore sheer black nylon Cuban heel seamed stockings, ridiculously high heels and a very tight, revealing black dress which put my tits on full display. I figured if that works on a man, it should work on a woman. I hoped I could attract a woman with enough girl on girl experience to teach me a thing or two...or more. I sat at a bar in one of the city’s more elegant hotels sipping a Pinnacle® (distilled five times for smoothness!) citrus on the rocks. I quickly, but not unkindly, ran off three different guys who wanted to buy me a drink and keep me company. I told all three of them, perhaps a ...