1. Deanna Awakening, Pt. 7, Studying with Robby

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Fiction, First Time, Teen, Teen, Author: Lord Snow, Source: sexstories.com

    “I’m headed off to work Deanna” Kirsten said as she poked her head into her daughter’s bedroom. Deanna was asleep in her bed with her friend Natalie, which was a bit unusual. When the kids had anyone sleep over, they usually opened up a sleeping back and laid it on the floor and threw their pillows and blankets on top. As Deanna stirred and looked up to say “OK, mom, have a good day”, Kirsten saw that her arm and her shoulder were bare. She stepped into the room for a closer look. “Deanna, are you wearing pajamas?” Dee got a bit red in the face as she looked up at her mom and admitted “no”. “So you’re sleeping in your bed with your friend NAKED? Is Natalie naked too?” “We were just, uh, we were just being a bit silly, mom. We’d heard that a lot of people sleep in the nude so we wanted to give it a try” Deanna improvised a reason. She certainly couldn’t tell her mom about how they’d played with each other’s pussies, eaten each other out, and then had Spencer come in so that he and Natalie could fuck! The truth wouldn’t work at all here, right now. “Deanna, I’ve told you. Your body is a precious thing and it is not to be flaunted. You don’t go around showing yourself naked to anybody but-“ “my husband” Dee finished for her, in an exasperated tone. “Don’t you give me sass, young lady. If I didn’t have to get into work right away you and I would be having a long talk about this. This” she pointed at her and Natalie “is not proper, and you should know better. I’m going now but ... you’d better behave yourself and we’re going to talk about this later.” “Sorry, mom, I didn’t mean anything by doing it.” “Well, you didn’t THINK about it either, obviously. I’ll pray for you” she finished, exiting. *** *** *** “Did you catch that Nat?” Dee gave her equally nude friend a nudge. “Oh my god” Natalie replied, rolling over to face Dee. She had feigned sleep while Kirsten was scolding her friend. “I can’t believe we didn’t even think to put our clothes back on after, uh, you know.” “I didn’t think she’d come in here. Besides, I don’t care Nat. My mom can’t tell me what to do every minute, and this whole ‘my body is precious and for my husband’ crap makes me sick. I loved sleeping next to you naked. When you spooned against me you felt so warm and soft, and I could feel your bush up against my ass. Being so close with you is one of the best things I’ve ever felt in my life and I’m not gonna let my mom take that away from me.” “You go girl” Natalie said teasingly, as she reached out and ran a fingertip lightly over Dee’s breast and nipple. It had been protruding a bit, but got harder instantly with her touch. Dee leaned over to grab one of Natalie’s nipples in return as she placed a tender kiss on her lips. “Maybe I AM a lesbian, Nat, because I think you look so friggin’ hot right now, and I’m gonna lick your pussy whether you like it or not!” Natalie laughed as her friend repositioned and brought her head down to her snatch. She parted her legs in welcome and squeezed ...