1. Deanna Awakening, Pt. 7, Studying with Robby

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Fiction, First Time, Teen, Teen, Author: Lord Snow, Source: sexstories.com

    in our lives. I care what happens to you and I’d do anything to stop you from getting hurt, that kind of love. Like I love Natalie. You two are my closest friends in the world and I want you to be part of my life forever.” “Wow, Dee. That’s pretty heavy stuff.” “Well, it’s true, Robby.” She took his hand and rested it on her bare thigh. “Natalie said you used to have a crush on me, and I never even realized it. I must be so dense.” “You’re a really smart girl Dee. You just don’t read people all that well . . . not that I’m any better at it. I should have said something to you but I never had the guts. I didn’t want to screw up our friendship if you didn’t want to go out with me or anything.” “Have you ever, uh, done anything, with anybody?” Dee didn’t think so but she wanted to ask. “I made out with Crystal under the bleachers at the homecoming game. I ‘sorta’ touched her boob. Does that count?” They shared a laugh together and some of the tension melted away. “Well” Dee stood up and faced him, crossing her arms to pull her t-shirt over her head in one fluid motion. “How about you touch THESE boobs?” “Ohhhhh, wow” he breathed out. She took his hands in hers and brought them up to rest them on her beautiful flesh. He felt her nipples hardening against his palms as he cupped and held her perfect mounds. Squeezing gently, he encircled her nipples within his thumb and forefinger staring intently because he could not help himself. “What do you think, Robby?” “I think you’re ... beautiful, Deanna. I’ve never felt anything like this.” “Go ahead and suck on ‘em, it feels good.” He complied and pulled her right nipple into his mouth, sucking it tentatively at first, then more firmly. After giving the left one a similar treatment he looked up, hands still fondling her “you said it feels good, so . . . someone has done this to you before?” “Um-hmm” she nodded. “Natalie.” She knew she’d get a reaction and the look of shock on his face was priceless. “That is so fuckin’ hot! . . . wow.” He took one hand away from her tit to adjust his erection, which was becoming uncomfortable in his pants. Deanna took his face in her hands and placed a gentle, loving kiss on his lips and then slid her shorts to the floor, there were no panties underneath. “Give me your hand, Robby.” She grasped his left hand with her right and put her left hand on his shoulder. Looking him in the eyes she guided his hand to her cunt and began to give him a personal anatomy lesson. She began to whisper to him, still looking him in the eyes “you made me wet Robby. My pussy got wet because of you.” She realized that she had started to shake a little, like Spencer had the other night. “I’m wet because I’m getting ready for you Robby. My pussy is getting ready to take you inside of me. Will you put it inside of me Robby?” “Oh my god, Dee. I had no idea you could be so fucking hot. My dick is so friggin’ hard!” “Then get it out, Robby. Take your dick out so that I can see it!” Any shyness that Robby ...