1. The Two Resorts (continued)

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Mature, Author: ruggerboy, Source: xHamster

    both basically fell onto the bed side by side and eventually all four of us were looking at one another which made us all start laughing as we realized we were all wet with sweat and cum and all very well sated. I think we all nodded off at one time or another but we eventually all came to and started caressing each other. Ellen reached over and sucked on Marsha's nipples while Marsha played with Ellen's breasts while not as big or firm as her own were still worthwhile playing with. Ian and I lay and watched as they progressed from breasts to vaginas and soon Marsha and Ellen were straddling each other sucking on one another vaginas. I knelt behind Ellen, who was onto at the time and slid my cock deep inside her and slowly fucked her while Marsha sucked my balls. I started sliding my cock from Ellen's vagina into Marsha's mouth which was like fucking two at once. Ian was at the other end and had slid his cock into Marsha while squeezing Ellen's breasts. The next few hours were spent taking turns fucking vaginas, anus and mouths and the women took turns sucking each other. At some point we all fell asl**p and woke up about five in the morning when Ellen and I slowly walked back to our room where we fell asl**p again before waking up to another great morning of fun and pleasure ahead. TO BE CONTINUED