1. Cool Dip

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Author: im4real, Source: sexstories.com

    Exiting the car, you turn and look around. “No one here today. Good, got the place all to myself” Pulling the snug fitting T-shirt up and over your head you toss it behind the seat. Brushing your hair away from your face, you stretch, lazily, and run your hands across that tight stomach, then up and cup those luscious breasts, still trapped under your skimpy bra “Oh, that water is going to feel SO good.” With that thought foremost in your mind you unbuckle the black leather belt in your Levis and they too join the T in the car. The sand is warm under your feet as you jog across the flat beach leading to the old rock quarry, long ago deserted once it flooded. Looking around again, you see no one. Assured that you are alone, and unobserved; you twist the bra around and unclip it. You hook that over a handy bush and slip the light blue, flowered panties down and off. Those you hang there, like a little flag, your claim on this section of the world. Dipping one foot into the water brings a quick chill, “forgot how cold this cool water is. It might be best if I just take it all at once.” With that you dive in and resurface a few feet further from the shore. Swishing your hair back, you notice that the cool water has make those little nipples stand up like tin soldiers. Just a little tweak each from your thumb sends a shiver of excitement racing up your skin. “Funny how something so cold and uncomfortable can stimulate me so much” you ponder on the strange tricks Mother Nature can ... play. Becoming accustomed to the temperature of the lake, you start swimming towards the bluff guarding the far side. Circling around the right side you spy the flat rock that can be used to climb from the water. You pull yourself up and begin the short hike up the back side of the bluff, the one you remember from childhood trips here. “Damn it’s good to get out of the office. Hate working on such a beautiful fishing day.“ I reach into the trunk and remove my tackle box and bass rig. “No one around today, those beauties should be biting like crazy”. I notice the car parked over on the far side, but seeing no one, I assume it to be another abandoned one. Lots of that happening way out here, far from the Sheriff‘s patrol route. Have to remember to give him a call when I get home, I sure ain’t going to have that tow truck idiot ruining a perfectly wonderful day. Reaching the waters edge, I settle on my favorite stump and open the “box of fishing wonders”. “The light is bright, the water clear, no wind, going to be a hot one.” These observations lead me to choose one of my most productive lures, the chartreuse colored plastic bait fish with the large silver spinner. Tying it on the line of the bass rig, I rear back and send the colorful offering out across the water. “One, two, three, four,” I count and begin the rapid retrieve that drives them critters into a feeding frenzy. Not having any luck on my first or any of my 10 next casts, I start to think my luck is jinxed today. I ...