1. Cool Dip

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Author: im4real, Source: sexstories.com

    decide to move along the shore line to my right, hoping I can find where they are hiding. Watching the water for any small ripple, the telltale sign of the “big one”, I notice movement in the reflection of the bluff. Focusing my gaze on the top of the rock face, I once again see a small movement. “A lot further than I remember”, you realize as you finally reach the rocky summit. “And a lot further down too,” you begin to wonder if this was such a good idea as you look down at the water, 50 feet below. “Oh well, I was scared as a kid too, and that didn’t stop me then and it won’t now.” With that exclamation, you gather all your courage and run to and over the edge of the bluff. Launching yourself into the air to rocket downwards towards, hopefully, a soft landing. Oh the feel of falling, reaching for that elusion of flying, your eyes closed, relishing in all the raw sensations assaulting your senses. The abrupt impact of the waters surface comes much sooner than you had expected, not quite ready for that yet, you feel the intense pain signing that something has gone wrong. As you swim back to the surface the pain felt in your foot raises the fear that maybe you won’t be able to swim back to the safe shallow depths. The first kick of the pain filled foot, causes you to give out a short yell. “Wouldn’t you know it, the whole sane world is working and some fool decides to come and ruin my fishin”, I feel outraged that someone would have the gull to fuckup my day. I watch as ... the fool is falling from that nice safe rock towards the deepest water this side of the Atlantic Ocean. The hair blown straight up identifies the jumper as a woman. No one around here of the male sex would be caught dead with that long hair. “Well, I guess God made foolish women right after He got done with foolish men”. This little bit of wisdom I just found makes me smile as I watch her impact the water. ”Now that didn’t look right, as I remember, the toes should be pointed down. Hers were straight out, flatfooted like, that is going to hurt.” It is funny how one can make observations like that in the blinking of the eye. As your head breaks the surface, I am relieved. At least now, I won’t have to get all wet swimming out there to find your crushed body. Your yell signals me that maybe you aren’t alright after all. I see which direction you are trying to swim and judge where you will come ashore. Knowing that you will need help at least to get out and into your car. As I trace your progress I reach the same spot you entered the water. My attention is trained on you as your labored stroke brings you closer. Finally, you feel the bottom and know that you are safe. Turning over you float on your back, flexing the injured foot, wondering what you had broken. ”Oh my God, that is a woman, or else the best developed boy I ever saw,” those firm breasts standing high above the water as you float there. I wade out towards you, wondering why you had yelled with pain and were now just ...