1. Cool Dip

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Author: im4real, Source: sexstories.com

    floating there. She may be exhausted and passed out right here within 5 feet of the shore. Reaching down to you, I take hold under your arms and lift you up. You are indeed surprised, since you are there, “by yourself”. Who might this be, taking liberties with your naked body? “Whoa, young lady, I got you. It must have been quite the fall from that bluff. Are you alright?” I ask as I gather your body against mine. Finding that my hands have found those firm titties is a wonderful surprise. ”Yes, I think so. Just a little pain in my right foot” you answer. Funny how my warm body feels so wonderful pressing all the way down your back, and my hot hands squeezing your chilled breasts brings your pulse up a few notches. “I generally require at least a kiss before I allow someone to play with my tits” you warn me with a slight “wink” in your voice. “That I can do quickly enough, sweetie” I forget about my concern for her well being, obviously she is feeling better. I lower my head and kiss your neck, right at the bottom where it meets your shoulder, run my tongue up towards your ear, tracing the path of your coursing blood. Reaching your ear, I explore its inner design, and give a little nip. I am surprised by your reaction; you don’t jump, but lunge back against me. “Better get you out of this water” I whisper in your ear. Turning towards me, you let out a little yelp as you attempt to place your weight on your right foot. “Think I broke something, it sure does hurt” you remark ... as you reach out and place your arm around my shoulders, letting me know that you need some assistance. Taking your weight on my shoulders I scoop you up with the other arm and hold you in front of me as I wade to the dry sands. Setting you down on the ground I let my hand run up your leg and give your pussy a little feel. I wink at your surprised face and give you a reassuring smile. Settling yourself on the warm sand you inspect the painfull foot. “What do you think? Is it broken?” you ask. “Let’s have a look” I reply. A look was just the beginning of what I had in mind. I had seen plenty of toe jams like this one during my football days and knew that a little massage would cure that pain in nothing flat. I start working on your toes, moving them to and fro, rubbing the ball of your foot and work my way down to your arch. There I work on the nerves that I know will do more than make your foot feel better. Watching your face I can see that your attention is now focused on the pressure of my fingers on your foot. “If you can make my foot feel that good, what can you do with this?” you ask and spread you legs wide. Dumbfounded by your invitation, I am a bit slow to respond and a worried look passes across your face. Feeling that anything I might say right then would kill the mood, I just run my hands up your thighs. I apply heavy pressure to the muscles so you know that I am coming to visit. Your wide eyes tell me that this is just what you are looking for. “Yes, my hero, come ...