1. Cool Dip

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Author: im4real, Source: sexstories.com

    get your reward” When my hands reach your wide spread pussy, I don’t slow down but continue up to your tits. There I give them a very hard squeeze and trap your body under mine. Now you are spread eagle under me, face to face. “Hi, my name is Eric. What’s your name?” I ask. “Shannon” you answer. “Glad you meet you.” You laugh and kiss me hard on the lips. “What other little talents do you have that will thrill me?” I spy my tackle box laying right there above your head, easily within reach. Dragging it over to me, I open the lid and survey its contents. “I think you might like this,” I tell you, “I know I will”. Taking out two of my fish stringers I loop one end around your wrist and after a few more turns secure it tightly with a square knot. The metal end, designed for holding firm when pushed into the sand holds your hand out and high above you. You find your other hand treated the same way, secured up and away from you. Turning my attention from your hands, I turn my body around and slip down within reach of your ankles. My cock is sitting there right above your face, your eyes fixed on its big, smooth head. Just a drop of cum sitting there, proof of the excitement I am feeling as I go about my tasks. Using the nylon line on the bass rig, I tie each ankle to opposite ends of the pole, ensuring that you remain open and accessible. The string is narrow and it bites into your skin, its sharp sting so much different than the heavy pain felt so short a time ago. “You ... trying to cut my feet off?” you accuse me. “That hurts” I reply to your protests with my hard cock, jamming it through your open lips and half way down your throat. Your gagging serves to massage my cock head, and the feeling makes me swell even more. You can feel the blood flowing hotly through my cock, each pulse felt from the tip of your tongue through the length of your throat. Pushing down hard with my ass, my cock fully enters you and the musky odor from my balls dominates your senses. As I continue to fuck your mouth, I lower my body to press heavily on you. I begin rubbing my face around your pussy, kissing your soft inner thigh, biting the outer pussy lips. Taking your clit between my lips I suck you in rhythm to the movement of my large cock that is stretching your mouth. Juices are flowing out from your wet cunt, now open and inviting me in. Your cunt welcomes my four fingers as they slide in, my thumb now working your enlarged clit. Twisting my hand and flexing my fingers inside you excites that pussy even more and I can feel the guardian muscles relaxing. With another shove my whole hand enters and your pussy clamps down around my wrist, holding me captive. I continue my twisting, flexing actions, finding that special spot with my fingers, I rub it firmly. Your body starts to quiver as the climax builds, and I feel you trying to swallow my whole cock. Suddenly the pussy cum squirts out around my arm and it runs down between the cheeks of your ass. I yank my hand ...