1. I Had Sex With My Mother's Best Friend - Part Two

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: Mysteria27, Source: LushStories

    I was excited that Susan had sent me an airline ticket to go out to visit her. She had mentioned when she was staying with my folks that she wanted to get together with me again before I went back to college. I was excited to see her again. I liked having sex with my mother’s best friend. Thankfully, my mother never found out. I’m not too sure she’d want to know that information. My mother’s friends all like me. I think Susan was the luckiest out of all of them. She was the one I fucked. I bet the rest of my mother’s friends would all like a roll in the hay with me too. Susan lived in Florida with her husband. Her husband had been cheating on her. Susan only had sex with me after her husband's affair. Her letter stated that she was anxious to see me again. She wanted to do lots of sexual things with me. I was excited to get into her pants again. What guy wouldn’t want to get into a mature women’s pants? I had plans for Susan. Before leaving, I stopped off at a sex shop and picked up a few items. I bought a big, black dildo, restraints and a blindfold. I was going to have a little fun with her when I got there. Susan mentioned the last time I was with her, that her husband was having an affair. She said he basically hadn't touched her since he was fooling around. I liked fucking Susan. When I licked her pussy, she exploded and came all over my face. I liked that she could squirt. She also let me fuck her asshole. I liked women that let me fuck their secret private spots. ... There’s just something about getting your cock nestled into a tight asshole. There’s nothing better than that. I planned on having sex with Susan all kinds of ways. I was going to fuck her brains out and enjoy the last few weeks left of summer. ** The next day, I was picked up and taken to the airport. Susan was kind and bought me a first-class ticket. About an hour later, I was dropped off at the airport. I went through security and waited at the gate. I made eye contact with several women and flirted a little. I was hoping that some princess would be sitting in first class with me. It was time to board the plane. I walked onto the plane and was greeted by some seriously fine looking stewardesses. Maybe I’d fuck one of them. The possibilities were endless. I put my carry on in the compartment and sat in first-class. The rest of the people boarded the plane and got into their seats. Finally, the plane was filled and the plane was getting ready for take off. The stewardesses went over their instructions and shortly after that the plane took off. I noticed there were several beautiful unattached women in first-class. There was a beauty across the aisle from me. First-class wasn’t filled, so everybody who was there could spread out. The stewardesses were passing out champagne and I looked over at the woman at raised my glass to her. She than got up and walked towards me. “Would you like some company?” “Sure. Please sit down. My name is Jake.” “Nice to meet you. I’m Sarah.” “The ...