1. I Had Sex With My Mother's Best Friend - Part Two

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: Mysteria27, Source: LushStories

    pleasure is all mine.” “Where you heading, Sarah?” “Spending time with friends. How about you?” “I’m going to visit my mother’s best friend. She wants to have sex with me.” “Really. I’d say she’s a lucky lady.” “You could be lucky too. Want to have some fun?” “What kind of fun?” “Want to be part of the mile-high club?” Sarah just smiled at me and she leaned into me and we shared a passionate kiss. Her tongue danced inside of my mouth. She also pushed her hem of her skirt up higher on her thigh. She took my hand and pushed it under her dress. I was shocked that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Sarah was so hot and I wanted her more than anything. I liked how she was teasing me. Her pussy was very warm and I wanted to fuck her. “Meet me in the restroom. I want to fuck you. I’ll go first.” “Okay.” I got up and walked over to the restroom. Sarah knocked and I let her in. It was a very cramped bathroom. We kissed and I put her on the sink. I pulled down my pants and pulled up her dress. I pushed my cock into her pussy and fucked her hard on the sink. Her pussy was moist while I took her in the bathroom. We kissed passionately while I rammed her hard with my dick. She was moaning and enjoying getting fucked. I knew she was a slutty girl. We spent like fifteen minutes talking and I was already up her cunt. I pushed in and out of her pussy until I came. It was sexy fucking her in the air. Once I was done, I pulled my pants up and pulled her dress down. I handed her a paper towel so ... she could wipe my come from her pussy. I walked out and then she did the same. We walked back to first class. It was super sexy to fuck her in the bathroom. I was charged up and couldn’t wait to see Susan again. I liked fucking Susan. The rest of the flight, Sarah and I flirted and I played with her pussy under a blanket. I liked that Sarah was a bit of a slut. Most women were sluts in their own way. After a few hours, we landed. Sarah and I exchanged phone numbers. Sarah and I walked out of the plane and walked to baggage claim area. Her friends were there and she walked off with them. I noticed a man holding a sign with my name on it. I walked over to him and he walked me out to a limo. When I got inside, Susan was in the limo. “Jake, you look great. I couldn’t wait to see you again.” “Susan, thanks for the ticket. How are you doing?” “I’m good. Give me a kiss.” Susan came closer to me and we shared a deep and passionate kiss. I was happy to see her. I kind of wanted to clean up before having fun with her. I just fucked Sarah and if she sucked my cock, she might taste some pussy on my dick. I couldn’t help that I was a hot and sexy stud muffin. I was sure Susan wouldn’t care that I had just fucked a hot bitch in the plane. Susan was already pulling at my buckle. She undid it and pulled my boxers and pants down. She pulled and tugged on my cock with sprang to action fast. “I want to suck your cock? I’ve missed you.” “Go for it. My dick is all yours.” Susan got on her knees in ...