1. I Needed A Pay Hike But Ended Up Getting A Lucrati

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Hardcore, Author: swathi2, Source: xHamster

    to by my own house, my own car but these were dreams far fetched, I wanted to get married to the person of my dream my bf of two years naman we met in college, liked each other and fell in love Since then our love has grown with the passage of time, naman is loving, and caring he always keeps my concern. My job timings were such they never permitted me to go for a part time, once my office commenced at 10 in the morning and gave up at 8 in the evening, leave alone going for an outing, on weekends I used to work for bonus so that I can afford to spend on some miscellaneous expenses, my whole life was turning out to be miserable and monotonous. Till one evening I was talking with one of my colleagues after our office was over, I asked his reference for some job he said if he had anything he’ll let me know. We were waiting for our cab as it was drizzling I was standing under the porch of my office building. We lived on a different route , he left as his cab came. After that I was standing alone as it would take ten more minutes for my cab to come, when suddenly realized there was someone standing behind my back, as I noticed a shadow, I turned back and saw it was rakeshji, he was the head of security and transport facility in our office. God ! You scared me rakeshji ! He was fair, short height-ed man, must have been in his late forties, he was bald and had a cut mark above his left eyebrow. I am sorry madamji he replied ” but I thought it was raining and I had made some tea ... I wished you could join me ” I was moved by his hospitality but I tried to resist saying no thank you he paused for a moment and then continued madamji I heard your conversation with your friend you are not happy with your job here and you needed more money, I learnt you have f****y issues too, I think I can help you regarding this , in fact know somebody , I was slowly buying into this conversation when he said they hires professionals for their firm and pay them good salaries. Just then as he was about to utter the next sentence I heard my cab’s horn , I told him I would like to know more about this company , he gave me a visiting card of the company sc consultants was written and asked me to call him if I needed some help , he wrote his number at the back with a pen, I slid the card into my bag and told him “i’ll decide and let him know “. Late that night I was on a phone call with my bf I told him about the offer rakeshji made he was happy to hear it , and told me I should definitely look forward to it, next morning it was weekend and and off at my office I decided I should go and talk with sc consultants for a job, but before that I needed to tell rakeshji about it also. I called him and told him that I liked his proposal, and wanted to see the office today he asked me to get ready and wait for him as he will come by and pick me up, I told him that I was able to go myself but he suggested he knew some important people there as he had worked there before so he should ...