1. I Needed A Pay Hike But Ended Up Getting A Lucrati

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Hardcore, Author: swathi2, Source: xHamster

    accompany me there, to which I agreed. I hung over the phone and was busy deciding what to wear, I usually wore skirts and trousers to office with formal shirts or round collar t’s, but all my clothes were up for laundry. I had a hard time trying to figure out just when I noticed a pencil bottom grey skirt and a navy blue shirt. I remember I got this as a birthday present from my bf , but wore it once on my birthday last month, that was it I said to myself but my legs are not waxed clean so I decided to put on black leggings and pumps, as I got dressed and was doing a final touch up I heard my cell phone ring it was rakeshji he was calling from below he had brought a car, I slammed the door of my flat and hurried downstairs as we had scheduled a meeting post lunch and it was already half past two in the afternoon, Rakeshji said don’t worry madamji I told them we are stuck in a traffic, we both smiled as he said. In half an hour we were there it was a huge building with number of offices as we walked down a long corridor I noticed a glass door with words s.C. Consultants etched on it, I entered followed by rakeshji, it was a good office big, better than my present office. As I looked there were some people working on computers making calls I imagined in a short time I will also be one among them. Just then rakeshji said madamji they are calling us inside the md’s chamber. I felt nervous for a while but collected myself back together and walked gently towards the cabin. The md ... was a lady shalini chopra , I asked her “madam may I come in ” she looked up and gave a gentle nod of approval. Rakeshji was following me everywhere, as he knew them shalini madam saw us and asked us to have a seat, after few minutes of formal conversation I was told that theirs was a export import business and this consultancy was a part of it, she told me my job was to make cordial relations with investors, trade partners and business houses I was to set up meetings and encourage business deals, after that shalini mam came towards my chair and looking at my dress she remarked you need to change your attire and looks too. I shook my head knowing that in recent times due to shortage of money I started looking a bit shabby she must have said because of that. She said I would like you to join from tomorrow, but tomorrow was a sunday mam ! She laughed off and said if you want to earn forget sunday’s. She said she will fix my client meeting and I should be there by four next evening, she sat on her chair and asked someone to send some girl named maya, in seconds she was there, she introduced me to her and asked her to take care of my needs, after which she gave her some cash (around forty thousand) and said arrange things for her ! I was so naive I was hardly aware of what was going on the other hand rakeshji stood up he got some money and he left . I along with maya went to a par lour she paid up for my hair and whole body waxing , I was feeling shy although I like to dress up ...