1. Two Weeks in The Valley: Teen Casting Call

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Teen, Author: lemanruss, Source: LushStories

    There is a black screen with the words "Teen Casting Call" written in some comic font. This fades and the shot opens to a view of a girl sitting on the bed in an anonymous hotel room. The picture quality is actually quite good, I note. "Well well well. You're quite the hot little thing," says a voice just beyond the camera. My skin crawls a little to hear him speaking. But he isn't kidding either. The girl sitting at the edge of the bed is stunning. Her dark hair cascading over her shoulders. Those bright green eyes shining over her impish grin. Her best feature, arguably, is her long, tanned legs that are on display in a very short pair of cut off shorts, crossed very lady-like in front of her. It's probably the only lady-like thing about this whole scenario, my cynical mind thinks. "And what is your name?" "Katelyn," she replies, her girlish voice coming out as half-whisper and half-squeak. It's the first thing she has said and it is a lie. Her real name is Kristy. I know this because she is my girlfriend, and as I watch this interview with her, she is sitting beside me here in my dorm room at the college we both attend. She is visibly nervous and biting her nails, studying my reaction but afraid to say anything. "Well hello Katelyn. And how old are you?" "Nineteen." This is true. She'll be twenty in a few months. We've been dating a little over a year, not that the unseen interviewer probably cares. "Nineteen," the man repeats, rolling it over his tongue almost as if he ... can not believe his luck. "Well Katelyn, why don't you tell me why you're here today then?" The girl, my girlfriend that is, blushes and out comes a hesitant answer, "To make a movie." "To make a movie? What kind of movie?" She blushes even more and says, "A porn movie." "That's right a porn movie. And this is your first time doing that, right?" She nods and lets out a nervous laugh. I almost ask a question then but we agreed on a few ground rules when we got into this and asking if this was really the first film she made during her two weeks out in California might be crossing the line. "So how do you feel?" "Nervous. Excited," she says, and I have no reason to believe otherwise. The real life counterpart sitting beside me is mirroring her emotions. I know she's worried about my reaction to this. Hell, I'm worried about my reaction. "Hey that's a sexy little Southern accent you have! So do you have a boyfriend back home?" She nods in the affirmative. "Ooh, naughty. And does he know you're here?" She replies, "No." Again, I look down at her and she shrugs. I suppose that technically it was the truth. When she answered the personal ad a few months ago we had several long talks prior to her actually leaving. I knew what it meant for her to be going out to California on Spring Break and living in a house doing "modelling jobs" for what was actually obscene amounts of money for two broke-ass college students. We were both dismissive to the idea at first, but over time we realized ...