1. Two Weeks in The Valley: Teen Casting Call

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Teen, Author: lemanruss, Source: LushStories

    that the money was just too much for us to pass up. I was sick of breaking my neck doing odd jobs and giving plasma just to get by, and her parents refused to let her work because it might affect her grades, but they didn't give her much in the way of living expenses to compensate. So I guess you could say it's partly their fault that their only daughter ended up going into the porn business for a short time. Anyway, it's easy it rationalize things when you're young. And me, well I consented too. That part wasn't easy. Kristy was only my second girlfriend and she'd had a lot of other boyfriends before we met. This caused me some jealousy and insecurity from time to time. The idea that she might add more to that total and tip the balance in experience even further made me nauseous. But we were broke, and our grades were suffering along with our burgeoning relationship. We found ourselves arguing about money at times, which was weird considering how young we were. So we rationalized, though in hindsight, I remember that she did most of the talking. We (well, technically she) would make some much needed money in a really short time, we could focus on our studies more, and in the process we might just discover some new things about ourselves and end up a happier and closer couple.And so it was that Kristy somehow managed to convince me that letting her do a porn movie or two way out on the other side of the country might actually be good for our relationship if we approached ... it with a healthy attitude. And as long as we followed the rules, of course. "Do you like sex Katelyn?" "Yep." "And what's your favorite position." "Um. Being on top I guess." "You ever been with another girl?" "No," she said, with a nervous giggle. I wondered if that was still true, but the rules are the rules and the only way I'm gonna find out is by waiting until she chooses to show me. "How about anal sex. Have you ever done that?" My heart actually lept hearing this one. I know she hasn't let me put it in her ass before, and she told me that one part of her was still virgin even after all the other guys she had dated before me. But did she do it out there with some stranger for money? Or more than one stranger? Oh God... "No," she said quickly. "Is that something you'd want to do?" My breath froze in my lungs. "I don't know. Maybe. We'll see." My heart was racing. I bit my tongue to stop from asking the questions I wanted to. And I didn't notice it at first, but my cock was rock hard. "Alright. I guess we will. Well how about you take your shirt off for us?" She dutifully stood up and pulled off the simple blouse she had worn. To my surprise, she was braless underneath. My girlfriend's tits are definitely on the small side, but they are nicely shaped and she has perky, dark little nipples that get bullet-hard when she's excited. Seeing her exposing them to a stranger (and the whole internet, actually) for the first time was very surreal. "Nice, nice. Those are some cute ...