1. Two Weeks in The Valley: Teen Casting Call

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Teen, Author: lemanruss, Source: LushStories

    little titties, Katelyn. Now how about taking off those pants?" Kristy unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall down her long stems. Underneath she wore a simple black thong. "Wow, now turn around and show me that ass. Oh man, that's amazing." No argument here. Next to her legs, my girlfriend's ass was definitely her best feature. For the first time, I saw part of the interviewer as he reached out with his arm and cupped her butt cheeks. Even though I knew this was tame compared to what must be coming, I still felt a jolt of jealousy watching another man maul my girlfriend's body, especially since she seemed more than willing to let him. "Very nice. Very nice. Now how about those panties now?" And just like that, my girlfriend was completely naked in front of this stranger. She had gotten waxed apparently, I guess out in California. There was just a thin strip of black pubic hair visible over her neat little pussy. "Wow. That looks good enough to eat. Do you like having your pussy eaten Katelyn?" "Oh yeah." There was a sudden boldness in her voice that I almost found unnerving. She was horny now. She was looking forward to this. Her face turned to the right, off camera, and she smiled at something, or someone, that I couldn't see. "Well are you ready to fuck this guy? Maybe we can convince him to eat your pussy for you." Just like that I was startled to see a man walk in from off camera. He was shirtless and wearing jeans. Because it was just out of frame, I couldn't see the ... face of the guy who was about to fuck my girlfriend, but his muscular body and the bulge in his pants were apparent, as was the look on her face when she saw him. Kristy, or "Katelyn" rather, wasted no time in getting down on her knees, unfastening the man's jeans, and reaching in for his cock. I had been dreading this as much as anything and her reaction as it sprang out wounded me a little. Granted, it was by no means some obscenely huge porno cock, but in my girlfriend's tiny hand it still looked gigantic. She promptly sucked it into her mouth and for awhile the room was filled with the slurping sounds of her sloppy blowjob. I paused the film. The angle showed my naked girlfriend on her knees with half of another man's dick in her mouth. I then looked down at the real thing, sitting next to me with a look of almost fear on her face. It was at that moment, looking back, that I held the most power in the events as they played out, and she knew it. I could have decided then to tell her I was disappointed, nay, mortified that she had decided to go full on porn, that I couldn't get over the thought of her with this other guy. I could have interrogated her about all of the things she did and, ultimately, we could have ended things right there. It would all come down to how I chose to react to this. I knew what she was afraid of hearing, and what she desperately needed to hear. I chose the latter. "Jesus Kristy, this is really hot," I said. Her face lit up and she threw her arms ...