1. I Came for Him!

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: SosaGood, Source: LushStories

    I laid back in the stiff chair, spreading my legs to give a better view. Feeling his hot gaze as my fingers spread my moist petals apart. A hunger raged in me, knowing that he watched. With knowledge of pleasure and a skill of masturbation, I thrust my fingers down into my waiting tunnel. The intense pleasure I felt as my thumb rubbed around my nub; I rocked back into the chair allowing my mind to take over in determination to make my passion build. My head fell to the side as I gradually increased my speed, stroking my g-spot with each inward thrust. Through half-hooded eyelids, I saw that his boxers had tented, hinting at the nice bulge inside. Crooking my finger, I beckoned him over, but he shook his head, knowing he was in charge. He had asked me to do this, and by agreeing, I had given him control. My head rolled back and I closed my eyes as jolts of pleasure coursed through me as I continually fucked myself. My free hand traveled toward my aching breasts, running over my smooth navel and through the valley of my sweet D’s only to swirl feather-light around my rosebud nipples. Enjoying the sensation, I had not realized he had moved until I felt a gust of warm breath on my inner thighs as it hit my sensitive sex, dragging a gasping moan from my lips as my fingers increased in tempo. He continued to send hot breath over my weeping heat, knowing I was close to coming, causing my fingers to become a blur as I pinched and pulled at my tight nipples. With a shattering release, ... I moaned his name as I came. My sweet fluids ran about, glistening my cunt like a diamond as I gradually brought my breathing under wraps, only to be thrown out of whack as his hot mouth descended onto my clitoris. His tongue laved as he sucked and nibbled at my burning nub. Such hot desire floored me, and he forced me to bite down on my lip to keep from screaming his name. A husky moan escaped instead, spurring him on to move his tongue, thrusting it deep into my tight, wet sheath. He was eating me out and all I could do was thread my fingers through his hair as I orgasmed, feeling him as he ate at my juices, while I floated away in bliss. Getting up he moved away from me, walking toward the bed to sit on the edge, only pulling his boxers down when he got there. Watching his cock spring free from its clothed cage, my eyes clouded over in lust. I hungered to swallow it up, squeezing down on it as I work to get him to climax; I wanted to taste his essence. His laugh rumbled over my ears as he caught sight of my desire. Now it was his turn to crook his finger at me, which I quickly complied followed. Bolting over, I stood before him, waiting to see what he would ask of me. I did not have to wait long as he pulled me close enough that his words whispered across my ears, “Would go down on me sweetheart, I really need to cum.” At his firm tone, I instantly dropped to my knees, letting my hot breath blow over the tip of his purpling head. He really did need to come and I could not ...