1. I Came for Him!

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: SosaGood, Source: LushStories

    wait to help him along. Flicking my tongue out, I licked the pre-cum oozing from the head. Its salty-sweet taste had me yearning for more. Pushing my lips to his cock, I gradually opened up to his hot meat, making sure to keep my mouth tight so with every swallowed inch I squeezed around him. Using my tongue, I ran it up and along the underside of his penis, pushing lightly on the strongest of veins. Slowly I took all of him in until I was deep throating him. I began bobbing my head at a slow and steady pace, loving the feel of him filling my mouth. He would have none of it, wrapping his hands in my hair, he forced me to pick up the pace, pushing him farther in. His balls brushed my chin, arousing me farther as I was face-fucked. I wanted him so badly; I began sucking a little more enthusiastically. My efforts were rewarded shortly afterwards when I felt the hot spray of his cum hit the back of my throat once, then again as it coated my tongue, and a few more to the point that some ran from the corner of my lips. Not wanting to waste any, I swallowed the load before my tongue darted out to scoop up ...
    the leftovers. He tasted so divine; I quickly went about cleaning his still stiff manhood, taking any cum still on it into my mouth; he did not even need to ask. We both had come, but as for being satisfied, he was still hard, and me, well I was always game for more. Rising from my knees, I pouted my lips as I asked my question of desire, “Please, would you fuck me now?” With a grunt of approval at my usage of “please”, he pulled me to the mattress. Flipping me to my back, I felt his stiff rod rub against my aching cunt. My clitoris pulsed as he brought his hot mouth down to claim my right nipple, sucking and pulling on it as I gasped and withered with pleasure. My nails raked across his back, begging without words for more. Stopping his love-play, he rose up to look at me. Our gazes locked, mine flashed sapphire with passion as his green eyes swirled with golden-brown, and I felt myself being stretched. His burning heat slowly burying into my wet, hot walls. Whimpering moans filled the room as my body was stretched to the limit with pleasure, and then he began to thrust and I was lost in ecstasy.