1. Welcome To Angel Falls

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: Liz, Source: LushStories

    wall to steady himself, and wondered why he smelled like a tart’s boudoir. Everything was so neat and tidy in the apartment, it had occurred to him when he first arrived that there may well be some kind of maid service. He dreaded to think what they might deduce if they found him passed out on his apartment floor half-naked, wearing his pants on back to front and smelling like a department store perfume counter. His gaze dropped to the little shelf next to his thigh. “Alice?” “Yes, Davy-baby?” David mouthed the words ‘davy baby’ before shaking his head. What the hell had gotten into her? “How does this thing work?” He sighed exasperatedly when he heard a childish giggling from the other room. It was that damned humour upgrade thing she’d mentioned the previous evening. He knew he’d regret buying it for her. “Don’t you just aim it and try to relax?” replied Alice. “I meant the fucking crystal!”