1. Welcome To Angel Falls

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: Liz, Source: LushStories

    upright. He needed the help of the woman to make it all the way to a sitting position. His head swam like it was half filled with a liquid that sloshed around each time he moved. After taking a few deep breaths he was able to centre himself and swing his legs over the side. “Who are you?” David asked, noting her appearance. The white jacket she wore, the paperwork that she had in her hand, all of the tests she’d been running on him, all indicated that she was a medical professional of some description. “I’m your nurse.” “My nurse?” he replied. “Oh shit. Have I been in an accident?” David felt utterly disorientated. This was not the first time he’d woken up in a place he did not recognise with a woman he did not know, but this was something different. Wherever he was, it did not look like any hospital he’d ever been in. “You could say that,” she replied cryptically. “What is the last thing that you can remember?” David concentrated for a moment. He sent a little probe down to his short term memory and found it came back with less information than he was expecting. He answered her question uncertainly, “I think I remember crossing the street.” With a practiced motion, the nurse clicked a thin plastic tube which she removed from her top pocket and shone a bright light into his eyes. It was painful to look at, and he could barely follow it from side to side as she moved it around. “Perfect.” “What’s going on?” he asked more forcefully this time. “Where the hell am I?” “Yes, ... this is always the difficult part. I would suggest you brace yourself for this.” The nurse stood directly in front of David and with a calm and measured tone, spoke the words which would change his life forever. “Mr Williams, you’ve just been brought out of cryogenic suspension.” “What?” replied David, not quite sure he’d heard her right. “Cryogenic suspension. You’ve been, for want of a better word, defrosted.” His mind was unable to fathom the sheer magnitude of what she was saying. The words made sense but when they were all pieced together and applied to him, it just sounded like a daft concept from a comic book. Of course he’d heard of cryogenic freezing, but surely that was just something from science fiction movies. David quickly came to the conclusion that someone was playing a very elaborate, well-planned practical joke on him. “Let me explain,” the nurse continued. “You are what we refer to as a ‘rejuve’. You died in the year twenty-fourteen and were placed into stasis as part of the cryo-clause in your employment life insurance policy.” “Cryo-clause, huh? Is this a wind-up?” “No, Mr. Williams, it’s not,” the nurse replied straight-faced. “In a nutshell, what used to happen was that insurance companies would place a small clause in their policy fine-print making you eligible for a cryogenic preservation scheme. If you died a premature or unnatural death, they froze your body until the medical technology became available in the future to allow you to be brought back.” ...