1. Welcome To Angel Falls

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: Liz, Source: LushStories

    hands gripped the dusty blinds and after a deep breath, he unceremoniously threw them open. Through the grime-streaked glass, several hundred feet below, stretched out a metropolis of unimaginable proportions. Mega-structures and twelve-lane highways littered the vista for as far as the eye could see. The housing blocks towered towards the clouds like an endless forest of urban decay. Enormous, hulking masses of grey concrete blocks and corroding steel supports dominated the landscape all the way to the horizon. He felt dwarfed and humbled by the sheer magnitude of the sight before him; an overwhelming feeling of claustrophobic anxiety overcame him as he looked out into a new unfamiliar world. “I don’t believe this.” “Shocker, isn’t it?” the nurse said in an amused tone. “Listen, I don’t mean to rush you but I’ve got another two of you deep-freeze guys to thaw out today.” “What the hell happened to me?” asked David as he stared out of the large grubby window. “How did I die?” The nurse rolled her eyes and ran her finger over his file, “It says here that you were hit by a postal truck, whatever that is.” “Fuckin’ postal service,” spat David as he spun around. “Those bastards should slow down. He was driving way too fast, that guy.” “You remember what happened?” “Yeah, I…” The nurse watched as David’s face first scrunched up in concentration before his jaw clenched tight. “That no-good, two-timing piece of shit!” “What is it?” “That’s why I was crossing the road,” replied ... David as he stared off across the room, his eyebrows furrowed. “My best mate was kissing my girlfriend on the other side of the street. Well, fuck Jeff and everyone who looks like Jeff!” “That’s quite a kick in the balls,” said the nurse in an amused tone. “Isn’t it just,” replied David before giving her a strange look. He pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. Things had started out pretty bad so far this morning, and they didn’t appear to be getting better any time soon. As everything the nurse had told him started to sink in, another question suddenly sprung to mind. “How come I’m not all messed up?” “Excuse me?” replied the nurse. “Well, I got hit by a truck, yes? How come I’m still in one piece?” “When you were defrosted you spent twelve hours in a cellular regeneration chamber. All of the damage you sustained before your remains were placed into stasis has been repaired. Your body is perfectly healthy.” She glanced down at his crotch, smiled wryly, then looked back at the chart in her hand. David swiftly realised that he’d be stumbling around the room completely naked. He walked back over to the table, snatched up a pale blue sheet that was folded up on the bottom, and wrapped it around his waist. “Take this,” said the nurse, handing him a flexible semi-transparent plastic sheet with what looked like a medical report digitally displayed on it. “Go through that door and enter the first room on the right. There are some clothes for you to change into and then ...