1. Fulfilling My Wife's Cuckquean Fantasy

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, Ass to mouth, Bisexual, BDSM, Humiliation, Reluctance, Group Sex, Voyeur, Wife / MILF, Author: Jack_The_Crack_Attack, Source: sexstories.com

    thing you get to taste is my ass and pussy." Jenny continued to rub her clit and asshole as she continued to pretend beg. "Please don't! Please let me have his cum!" Lexi just responded by moving even faster. I couldn't take it anymore. "Jenny, I'm sorry, I can't hold it anymore!" I shot huge loads of cum inside Lexi's pussy. Because I didn't cum right away, it built up and now Lexi's pussy was overflowing with my cum. Lexi moaned from the warmth of my cum. She then got off me when she felt that I had finished cumming and some of it leaked out onto me and the bed immediately. "Okay, he's all yours, but first," Lexi spread her lips and said, "if you really want your husband's cum that bad, you're gonna have to eat it out of my pussy because I still haven't cum yet." Jenny looked extremely aroused by that notion, by such a humiliating demand. She licked and sucked the cum out of Lexi's pussy. As Jenny was licking and sucking my cum from Lexi's pussy, Lexi asked her, "Yeah, bitch! How does my pussy taste? How does it feel to know that I got your husband's cum first?!" Jenny couldn't answer because she had a mouth full of cum. "Don't you dare spill any, swallow it all!" Jenny didn't need to be told twice. She swallowed all of my cum and continued to eat Lexi out, even after my cum was gone. "I'm gonna cum!" Lexi moaned. Jenny, being the squirting expert, stuck two fingers in Lexi and found her G-spot, stimulating it. Lexi started squirting and Jenny ... opened her mouth to get as much of the pussy juice as possible. Some of the cum spilled out of Jenny's mouth and went onto the bed. It was hot to see Jenny's mouth overflowing with Lexi's cum. She closed her mouth and swallowed it all. Lexi collapsed on our bed. She was laying there spasming in complete bliss. Jenny turned her attention to me and noticed I was rock hard again. She rolls her eyes saying, "Oh honey." "What baby?! That was hot! You just ate my cum out of another woman's pussy and to finish it all off, you swallowed her cum too!" Jenny smiled and said "Happy Anniversary" then got to work licking my cum off me and swallowing it. "God I love you, I will never find another woman like you. You are a woman men can only dream of having." She smiled happily to me and I noticed Lexi finally getting up to leave the room. Jenny got off the bed to catch her before she left. I figured she just wanted to thank her friend for her help. I decided to lie down so I could knock out. My only thought at that moment was 'This was a wonderful, unforgettable night...' "Hey, bitch! You think you can just cuckquean me and get away with it?!" I sat back up quick. 'What the fuck?!' Lexi turned to Jenny and looked confused. "I won't let you get away with this, now I'm gonna punish you!" Jenny spanked Lexi's ass hard. SMACK! "Ah!" Lexi screamed. Jenny then added, "With Jack's help." She turned to me, smiled, and then gave me a wink. 'Oh boy, this night is far from over...'