1. Fulfilling My Wife's Cuckquean Fantasy

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, Ass to mouth, Bisexual, BDSM, Humiliation, Reluctance, Group Sex, Voyeur, Wife / MILF, Author: Jack_The_Crack_Attack, Source: sexstories.com

    extremely angry with you. It wouldn't be fair to you if we did this because I wouldn't tolerate it the other way around." "I know honey, I love you and trust you completely. I know you won't love Lexi after this is done, only me. I won't ask to fuck another man because I have no interest in any other man. You've always spoiled me, treated me with respect, and loved me faithfully. It's my way of giving back to you and at the same time fulfilling something that I'm extremely aroused and curious about. So please honey, I'm asking you to do this...for me." I stood there for a few moments and thought it over. I was scared of hurting her but I could tell that she wasn't lying about this. I thought in my head, 'If it's what she really wanted and she truly wouldn't get hurt, but aroused...then I've decided.' "Jenny, baby, if at any time you're not enjoying yourself watching this, please, please let us know right away, okay?" Jenny's face lit up and she happily replied, "Yes! I will! Thank you honey! Thank you so much!" I smiled at her, kissed her and told her, "I love you." Lexi came in between us and soaked Jenny's underwear, which was in her mouth not too long ago, in the puddle of pussy juice and shoved it back in her mouth. She gagged her again and said, "You ready to watch me fuck your husband?" The look on Jenny's face was not that of pain, anger or sadness, but that of...arousal? Lexi told me to take off my clothes and sit on the bed. I followed her command and looked at ... Jenny. I smiled at her as a way of reassurance. I looked into her eyes and she gave me the same loving look, but then I felt wetness on my cock all of a sudden. It was Lexi, she was sucking my cock and damn, she was really good, almost as good as Jenny. Lexi wasn't wasting time. In seconds, she was already deepthroating me. I moaned in pleasure and Lexi pulled my cock out of her mouth to start stroking it. While she was stroking it, she sucked my balls. The stroking and the tongue massage felt amazing. She went back to deepthroating and then stopped to ask me, "Wouldn't you agree that I give the best blowjobs, a whole lot better than your wife?" That pissed me off, but I was too concerned about Jenny to lash out at Lexi. I was so scared to see Jenny in tears. However, they weren't there, the only thing leaking fluid was her pussy. Lexi bothered me again for an answer, "Well?" I looked at Jenny with a worried look on my face, but she just nodded in approval and I asked, "Are you sure?" She nodded again in confirmation and I said as a means of reassurance, "Baby, this is just pretend and I don't truly mean any of it, I promise. I love you more than anything in this world." She looked like she was about to cry tears of joy and looked extremely happy that I said that. She again nodded in approval. Lexi, for the third time, asked, "Jack, are you gonna keep a gal waiting? What's your answer?" I smiled and said, "I don't know, I think I need a reminder of how it feels." She smiled and ...