1. Married Crossdressing Fun Ch. 3

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Crossdressing, Author: fitzythemartian, Source: LushStories

    “Mikki?” Caz asked. “Yeah, babe?” “I’ve been thinking...” “Always a dangerous thing,” I said, cheekily. “Yeah, whatever. Seriously, I’ve been thinking about what happens next.” “What do you mean, what happens next?” “Well, you are really beautiful but I was thinking of stepping it up a notch.” My wife Caz is the most beautiful woman I know. I love her with all my heart. She is sexually voracious. We played a little game a while ago. She saw how turned on I got when she treated me like a bitch so we decided that I would become hers, bitch, that is. She took on a lover and had me clean her out afterwards. Then she got him and his friends to fuck me too. That was when I first transformed from Michael into Mikki. You see, they weren’t gay so I needed to dress as a woman to enjoy their services. Her lover Antwan got a little too possessive of Caz so we moved. She got a promotion at work and I started my own business and we decided to live together as women. Caz was definitely all woman but I was a cross dresser. Since we moved we found a new group of guys to fuck and suck together. I am a financial planner and we met a group of male strippers, Man Oh Man. There are twelve guys and all of them have fucked us both. So when Caz talked about stepping it up a notch I was nervous and excited at the same time. She said, “We look almost like sisters in both size and shape in all areas except one. I have boobs and you don’t. I think you should get some.” “What, go on hormones and grow ... some? I dunno about that, Caz. I happen to like fucking you.” We had a great sex life away from all the guys and I really did like to fuck her. “No, silly, I’m not prepared to give up your cock just yet. I mean implants. They can do really good ones now and you can’t really tell the difference any more.” “I dunno, babe. It seems like a really big step.” “Yeah, but what a step, Mikki. Just imagine yourself with tits. The guys will go mental.” “Yeah, they will won’t they.” “At least think seriously about it, Mikki,” Caz implored. “Oh, I’ll definitely think about it babe. I probably won’t be able to think about anything else!” About a week later, I told Caz that I wanted the implants. She was overjoyed. “I know a doctor who will do them without asking too many questions, straight away. I’ll make an appointment today.” Meanwhile our sex life was great. Jamaal had taken a real shine to Caz. He had asked her out and they had a great time. I always got the whole story from Caz when she got home, while I cleaned Jamaal’s cum from her freshly fucked pussy. We had sessions with some of the Man Oh Man dancers, and we had one memorable session with all twelve of them. We were full of cum that night and spent hours afterwards cleaning each other up. The day came when I was scheduled for my ‘breast augmentation’ surgery, my boob job. I was so excited I hardly slept the night before. Caz was the same. She was so looking forward to her husband being one step closer to her lesbian lover. The ...