1. Discovering Lynn 3

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Fiction, Bisexual, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Group Sex, Author: Bluedog485, Source: sexstories.com

    Gina stood there looking at Lynn who was innocently playing with the jewelry between her thighs. I was looking at Gina, admiring this redheaded beauty. She was roughly the same height as Lynn but her auburn hair hung all the way down to her butt. She was wearing a pair of black yoga pants and a black sports bra that was struggling to contain her large breasts. I assumed she was not wearing anything else as she was sporting the most beautiful camel-toe and her nipples were also very evident. “Is this the same person I had to plead, beg and blackmailed into posing for some sexy photos on vacation. A vacation I might add that was thousands of miles away from where she lives.” Lynn giggled and sighed. “Yeah, that’s was me, but after I saw the photos online and Dan showed me how beautiful they were, well, I guess the exhibitionist in me was released and we have enjoyed a very nice weekend exploring the real me.” “Wait, did you say you saw the photos online? You mean they have published them already?” “Well yeah, we saw them the other evening. I assumed you already knew.” “Do they look okay? I mean, do I look okay? Lynn and I looked at each other and realized we had been too busy to check on Gina’s photos. “Um, we never got around to looking at yours. Say baby, can she look at them on your computer? “Sure, but do you want to get cleaned up first?” Lynn giggled again “I guess I do look like a bit of a cum slut don’t I? Let’s all meet back at your house in say thirty minutes.” ... “Okay” I said “I need to clean up too.” Lynn and Gina walked towards her house as I stood watching them go. Lynn’s naked booty with the occasional twinkle from her jewelry, made me realize what a lucky bastard I really was. In contrast Gina’s tight butt in the yoga pants was also a pleasure to watch. I went upstairs and turned the shower on. Undressing, I had an idea to maybe get the grill going later so we could have steaks out by the pool. I showered, then put on a t shirt and a pair of swim shorts. I then went downstairs and started up my laptop. I had just got it to the website and started the cast onto the big screen when I heard Lynn call from the front door. “I’m in the lounge” I called back. Lynn and Gina appeared at the door and I had to do a double take. Lynn was wearing exactly the same as Gina. Her camel toe was just as evident although her breasts weren’t fighting to get out of the bra, her nipples were just as hard. Lynn was carrying a small box and when I glanced at it she put it to one side and smiled. “That is a little gift for you for later but we are going to have to do some preparation work first.” “Okay well I have the website up, do you want to see them privately first?” Gina sat herself next to me. “No, please stay. You can give us your opinion of my bikinis and Lynn’s photographic skills.” “Well your photographic skill was impressive when you shot those of Lynn. You managed to capture her innocence as well as her raging sexuality.” “Why thank you sir. That ...