Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Fiction, Blackmail, First Time, Group Sex, Teen, Author: blueheatt, Source: sexstories.com

    __It is still unclear as to just where and how the neighbor lady, Jan, and her daughter, Melinda, had been. Some secret government location in the U.S. They had spent most of their life there and were isolated from the rest of the world. When the dad came up missing, that’s all they were told…’missing -permanent’. They had to get permission to move away from there, and never say anything about where they had been or anything else. They decided to move next door to us in a regular neighborhood. The mom Jan, became friends with my mom instantly. She had a million questions about regular life here. Daughter Melinda just sat quietly. Mel, as we all called her, was out of school now and she was a good looking, hot bodied girl. I was drawn to her right away. Her mom was pretty hot looking too and so friendly to me. They were over as Jan talked to mom in the kitchen, Mel and I sat on the couch. With no TV or computers, Mel only read old books for entertainment. I found out she had no contact with guys at all. Her schooling was in an all girls small school and another one for the guys….all separated. My mom had to leave but would be back in 30 minutes. As soon as she left, I had Jan on one side of me and Mel on the other. They had both been waiting for this opportunity. Jan sat real close and said: “Can you help us Brandon,….we need a guy to get us ‘up to date’ with this…kinda… new world were in. Dad was never home, and Mel has never had a date with a guy.” “Could you come over ... tonight where we can talk private and you can fill us in on…’guys’ today. I don’t want your mom or anyone to know how uninformed we are.” I thought, ‘is there any other answer but ’oh yes!’ as my heart raced…. I said: “ Sure”. I was old enough now, I came and went as I pleased. That night I quietly walked next door and entered thru a back door as Jan had planned. They were both waiting for me and walked me arm an arm to their couch. They both had on robes. They explained that they liked to walk around in the nude at night. I said: “Oh…please be comfortable, don’t put robes on just because I’m here.” They both said…oh…we were hoping you might say that. They both took off their robes and were totally nude,…. like it was nothing. Mel said: “We really like you Brandon, do you like us?” I said: “You girls are very sexy and pretty, I don’t know which one of you I like better…” The both smiled big and ask if they could kiss me on the cheek. It was hard to believe this was happening. I said: “Go ahead.” They got on their knees, one on each side of me and slowly scooted in close to kiss me on my cheeks. I had a big hardon, already picturing how this night might turn out. I put an arm around each of their necks and pulled them gently in close. I got a close look at four beautiful tits and two dark pubic haired pussy’s. I had two hot girls breathing heavy on my face. They both kissed my cheeks and held the kisses. Mel…. …mom was right, he’s just the right guy we had talked about getting. I ...