Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Fiction, Blackmail, First Time, Group Sex, Teen, Author: blueheatt, Source: sexstories.com

    her leg. I’d never seen a girl this hot before. I wondered what two of my fingers would do on her G spot. I went for it as she deep throated me over and over. When I massaged her G spot…she went wild. I’d never seen a girl squirt before. She flooded my fingers, with gasping moans and squirming hips. I just touched her clit with my thumb and she squirted again. She mumbled some moans and gasp for air. I was crazy hot watching and feeling her in her ecstasy. I looked at Mel. She was reaching in her pussy like she was trying to find her G spot. Her bucking and moaning told me she must have found it. Mel was looking at me and as I turned to fuck Jan, Mel started feeling me all over. Next I had two girl kissing me and playing with my balls. This was a first for me as the two hot girls began to work together to really turn me on. Things got a little crazy as Mel and her mom started sharing me. I was just starting to fuck Jan when Mel rolled me off. She got in top of me and stuck my hardon in her pussy. Now Jan started feeling my balls and feeling my body. They both tried to tongue kiss me at once. I felt like I was being attacked by two wild girls….and I like it! Mel fucked me wildly and got an orgasm, Jan immediately took over and got on top of me. I didn’t realize it but all their years alone had built up inside them, and now it was coming out. They ...
    didn’t hold back now as they must have had sex with each other someway. Jan and Mel started feeling each other up and playing with each other tits, finger fucked their pussy’s and Jan got down and licked Mel’s pussy. I was in shock, but so turned on also. They got me on my back and both took turns putting their pussy’s in my face as they took turns sucking on my hardon. My balls were ready to explode as they seem to be working for a peak in their sex fest with me. They made these hungry growling sounds as they attack my hardon. Squeezing, jacking and alternating sucking it. They kept switching pussy’s and fucking my face, rubbing their clits on my lips. I held their hips and alternated licking their pussy’s as I felt a huge load of cum ready to shoot. Out it came as they squealed and let it shoot on their faces and in their mouths. They took turns putting my hardon their mouths and taking a shot of cum. My mind went numb. It was so over the top I just let my hardon shoot until every last shot was on or in them. They played with it and licked and swallowed until it was all gone…. ------ I woke up. It was morning. Two girls were washing me. I wonder if this was a dream, until….they saw me awake. The both started kissing me and then….. Jan and Mel held up all the handcuffs, and said: “You know of course, we are ‘never’ going to let you leave.”……..