1. Exploitation Queen

    Date: 11/12/2017, Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Hardcore, Author: Story_time, Source: xHamster

    I own you, my pussy controls your mind. All you want is my pussy. There is nothing but my pussy that matters to you. You will do anything for it, and I will use you as my toy and give nothing back. There is no way out for you, you cant resist, you won't do other then I say, because you do anything for my pussy. All you think about is my pussy. First I put you in chastity and hide the key, I will then put a strapon among your face and ride it till I come. Then I will make you do all work for me, but I give nothing back to you. You only exist to serve me, to be my toy. When I come home my pussy will be filled with cum from other men and I let you do the cleaning, and you will be grateful that you can get in touch with my divine pussy. While at home, you walk on a leash right behind me, with your tounge between my legs while I walk and ignore you. When I have to pee, you will be my toilet. You will get aroused by me, pissing in your mouth, so your dick gives you so much pain in its chastity that you almost can't take it, but you want to tak it, because my pussy is all you live for. When you are hungry, I feed you the cum in condoms of a hundred men, I abuse everyday like you, with the difference that they wear a condom instead of a chastity device. I use them for my pleasure, but as they all have an orgasm once they are in my pussy, I need hundreds of them to pleasure me. Every single man wants to serve my pussy, and I exploit all of them. You are one of them. When I'm horny ...
    and you are the only one in my surrounding, I will put a strapon right there where your dick is and ride you till I come, while most of the times I do this you will get knocked out because of the pain, your cock and balls are giving you. But the more I do this, the more you fall under my spell and my irressistible pussy is all you crave. After some weeks, the taste of my pussy alone will make you so aroused, you will almost faint of pain. One look on my divine pussy could give you an orgasm now, so every month I will grant you a ruined orgasm, so all hope of joy will fade, and this turns you on more and more. After one year of relationship you won't have any will left, you look terrible and crave for my juices so hard you would kill yourself if you wouldn't get in touch with them for a whole day. So I decide to make a holiday with another man, but before that I piss in the toilet and won't flush, so you can have the smell and survive. When I come back from my holidays, I tell you that I quit you, you beg me, but I love it when you suffer, so it's even easier for me to throw you away. But for my own amusement, I take of your chastity and let you try to fuck me. But as soon your hard dick comes in touch with my pussy you instantly explode and faint because of to much excitement. I take the device and put it on the cock of my new lover, who is rich, but all his fortune won't help him against the power of my pussy and soon he will end up like you and I will search my next victim.