1. The Lingerie Boutique

    Date: 11/15/2017, Categories: Lesbian, Author: Kimbo, Source: LushStories

    absolute bliss. With hardly a moment to catch my breath, I got her up and kissed her passionately. I ran my hands down her shoulders and over her heaving breasts, making sure to give them all the attention they deserved. She sat herself down onto the edge of the ottoman and spread her thighs. I saw her bare and longing pussy dripping with desire urging me over to suck all the juices out. She wanted to be eaten until there was nothing left of her. As I went to kiss her throbbing, swollen clit it was so slippery it sent me wild. I climbed onto the ottoman grabbing one of her legs over and began thrusting our pussies in unison. "Ohhhhh fuckkkk meeee!" she squealed as I thrust my hips against hers with all the juices running about down our pussies onto the seat and down my thighs. "You're so fucking wet, I'm going to fuck you raw!" I yelled out. Our clits were aching for an orgasm. All I wanted was to open wider to fuck her harder, and to take all of her in. I felt the first wave of my orgasm before she got up and turned me around, face down on the seat and scissored neatly between me. Here, she grabbed my hips and thrust into me hard as she could as though my pussy was not enough to make her cum. "Ohh you're pussy... I'm going to cum....!!" she squirmed as her clit banged against mine orgasmically. She had finished, she took a few deeps breaths before leaning her arms behind her, hanging her head back. I turned around with my legs either side of the ottoman staring at her in wonderment, afraid to speak.