1. Fucking a stranger in the back seat

    Date: 11/16/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster

    soaking pussy. With his thumb in my pussy and palm pressing against my clit it felt so good. Within seconds I was hit with a strong orgasm. I grabbed Jimmy's arm as my body convulsed in pleasure, and opened my eyes to make sure Victor was unaware. I looked at Jimmy and he kept his thumb were it was as my orgasm subsided. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. Then he opened his zipper and took a huge dick out. He placed my hand on it. His cock felt thick and warm. I was getting extremely aroused and very wet. Then Jimmy made me bend over my back, as if I was looking through the window. Suddenly I felt his huge dick finding my wetness and slowly pushing into my cunt. I turned my head and just stared into his eyes as he slowly kept pushing his hard piece of mat deeper into me. It felt so good. I let out my held breath, looked at my loving Victor and then rested my head on my pillow. Now I felt Jimmy's cock slowly pushing in and out of my vagina. I felt so full with his cock filling me and his balls pressing against my bottom. It was a very slow and very pleasurable rhythm as he pushed into me. My second orgasm was building as I felt Jimmy's cock pulsating deep inside of me as he began to cum. I too was overcome as my body convulsed into an orgasm and I pushed back against that thick cock, looking at my husband through glazed eyes. I buried my face into my pillow, fearing Victor would look back and would catch us… Jimmy left his cock head buried in ...
    me and continued to push into me very slowly; our juices mixed and leaking from my pussy drenching the back seat... Suddenly I felt Jimmy withdrew from me. But he was not done at all. Now the sun had gone and the evening was getting darker. Jimmy sat upright in the middle of the back seat and lifted me on top of his lap, grabbing me by my waist. I could not help to let out a soft sigh when I felt his hard cock invading my cunt; but Victor and Tom did not note it, because they were both listening to the radio news. Then Jimmy started to make moving me onto his hard cock. My face was between the front seats gap; just few inches from Victor’s neck… Suddenly my loving husband turned his head over and asked me if the trip back was boring me. Not at all, I replied, as I was starting to feel a new orgasm building in my body. I opened my mouth to scream in a wild way, as Jimmy was filling me with his warm seed. But then Victor looked back on the road ahead and I came wildly in complete silence. Five minutes after my last orgasm, we arrived at the place where Tom and Jimmy were going to get out. Then I moved to the passenger seat and Victor kissed me lovely, as he said I had been a nice good girl and had not complain about anything during the long trip… I was just to tell my loving husband the only subject to complain was Jimmy’s dick size; but then Victor smiled again and I kissed him back, just whispering quietly: “Yeah, honey… I had been a real nice good girl…”