1. some fun while shopping

    Date: 11/24/2017, Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Author: hornyirishcouple15, Source: xHamster

    I was out doing some xmas shopping this week and wanted to find something sexy for himself, i went to a small sex shop and went to try on some sexy lingerie, i love the sexy feel of lace on my body and how guys look at me when they can slightly see my bra strap or thong peeking over my hips. in the shop there was only me and a the guy at the till, he was black, tall and looked very athletic, i felted a lil frisky and walked out while wearing my sexy outfit and asked what he thought, he looked slightly shocked at first, but he had kind of a cheeky grin where he said ill have to close up soon, i asked then did he think my bf would like the pressie, of course he said yes, i went back to the changing room feeling very frisky now and a lil bit wet, i heard movement and heard they guy say he was closing up, i opened the door to the changing room to see him full naked standing in front of me holding in his hand his massive black cock, it was huge, at least 10+ inches, he just looked at me and said 'u like' i was spechless, he walked into the room and caught my hand and got me to grip his cock, i felt so nervous but so excited at the same time, as i moved my hand his cock became rigid and the body grew veiny and some pre cum slightly oozing out of its head, he then kissed me and f***ed me to my knees, i didnt what i was doing but it felt just natural to open my mouth and begin sucking on his cock, his pre cum tasted amazing. i couldnt help, ijust started sucking him as hard ...
    as i could, granted i knew i was wearing a sexy tight tank top and little shrts but he was all over me, he was so powerful and dominant, he unhooked my bra and took off my tank top, his big hands took hold of my breasts before he started sucking on my nipples, i was in heaven, he then bent me over and slowly pulled down my shorts and spread my ass cheeks where he started wriggling his tongue into my ass and then pussy, i couldnt hold back the moans as his delicate touch was making me wet, he then got up and started to grab hold of my waist,he then start to poke and prod my pussy with his massive cock he grabbed hold of my hair and said 'u ready for this bitch' he then f***ed his monster deep inside me,,, i moaned loudly as he began thrusting it deeper and deeper, he then started sayin 'jesus bitch u are tight' within a minute or 2 of his thick being thrusted into me i was already about to orgasm. i began quivering and moaning loudly as he started shooting his load deep inside my tight pussy. i thought he was done but he wasnt, he brought me out to the till desk, he bent me over it .he pulled my ass cheeks apart and began trying to fuck my tight little ass i was screaming from both pain and pleasure as he fucked me after about 9-10 minutes he then pulled out and pushed me to the ground and made me swallow his delicious load of hot fresh cum. so i lied there lciking up every drop, he threw me his number and gave me the lingerie for free free clothes is always a plus ;)