1. A Grand Adventure

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Author: Jayb1rd, Source: xHamster

    ....So they next day, fighting through busy airports and delays, they both finally arrived at their sunny destination... The Gulf of Mexico. Their naughty & devious minds had concocted this plan to meet at a business seminar, providing the perfect cover for their illicit activities. The hotel was right on the beach too, and they both had just checked in only a few minutes before an evening reception for all the seminar attendees. They would reluctantly have to wait just a little longer. The reception was proving to be quite a bore - and as usual Jack and Jill's thoughts were on the same page. They lingered around the edge of the crowd and when the opportunity presented itself, they both walked down to the beach - it was absolutely heavenly. The sound of the waves, the smell of the breeze. They walked along the shoreline hand-in-hand. To the casual observer, they would seem like a loving married couple or even newlyweds. They continued to walk as the sun was starting to set and when they were a way down the beach they stopped, Jack turned and took her into his arms, pulling her closely, whispering into her ear, &#034I've missed you, Jill&#034. She kissed him on the lips, letting her lips linger on his. Jack parted his lips and Jill playfully bit his lower lip before letting her tongue wonder into his mouth to meet his - their tongues gently exploring each other. Tasting Jack on her lips once again, remembering their past adventures, an avalanche of wanton desires came over ... her. She felt her skin flush and the warmth increase between her legs. She pulled Jack tightly to her and could feel his hardness pressed against her tummy. &#034I've missed you too, Jack&#034, she said. Jill wanted him so badly in this moment. She looked around, never shy about her sexuality, seeing no one considered taking Jack right there in the sand. But on a public beach without cover seemed a bit risky, even for her, so instead she hurriedly stripped out of her clothes and said to Jack, &#034Let's go for a swim&#034, as she ran into the gentle surf. The sunset was just a faint glow on the horizon and Jack could see the first stars starting to twinkle in the nighttime sky. He followed her lead, removing his clothes and running into the warm Gulf waters. Jill always made him feel so alive - feelings were more intense, colors brighter, sounds more rich. It was as if she pulsated some unique form of energy that he could never get enough of... Jack couldn't remember feeling so free and uninhibited, frolicking and splashing in the surf with this beautiful woman. They chased each other and splashed each other, enjoying the feel of the water on their naked bodies. As if part of some primal courtship dance, they circled each other, the distance between them shrinking with each step. The laughing and playfulness soon subsided and was replaced with an unspoken lust, their eyes finding each other in the chest deep waters as gentle waves rolled past them. The lovers were close enough ...