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    suffer all this Tushar?" "Yes mistress because of the lack of control I have over my stress which has me in inferior state." "Good, do you know by whom are you controlled now?" "You mistress." He answered. "Yes ofc baby now I want you to start a job soon which is quite easy to find based on your qualifications." I ordered. "But?" I gave him a hard slap across his cheeks "Don't you get that bastard?" He agreed in seconds "Okay Mistress" I had my hubby over my lap in a moment and rubbed some ointment on his ass. We cuddled while I rubbed my pussy over his cage to cause him trouble and we fell asleep. Next day we started normally,pissed twice in him and he licked my sweats clean. I was informed after breakfast that we were expecting guests at ours for the lunch. I was not planning to appear with Tushar so I had some other ideas for him. Tushar helped me to get in the White Kurti and orange cheetah leggings whilst I enjoyed pinching his already thrice swollen nipples. I greeted them in my attire and heels and we had some formal talks on ...
    the couch. After a while I invited them to the dining table and made them to sit on the chairs facing mine. We had a 3.5 feet large table in which I made Tushar to hide and sit at my feet to entertain me through these boring guests. We talked while he caressed my feet and thighs through the leggings whilst I pinched the heel on his balls. Later the guests left and I made him leave his place and get bent over the bed. I returned with the 12.5 inch strap on fixed over my leggings and topless showing off my bulgy belly. I entered the heels at first in him leading him to a fuss, later on i rubbed the lube and pegged him hardest after bending over him, grabbing his hairs to the hardest I fucked his ass without any stopping entering the whole of it in,he didn't experienced much problem this time and we were off to sleep. In a short time Tushar got employed but under my control he led his life away from inferiority only staying inferior before me. Our practice lasted a bit long until we started a family. I was so glad that I got my man back.