1. Shielded and Secure

    Date: 12/28/2017, Categories: Lesbian, Author: Mrs_Guarantee, Source: LushStories

    into my own mouth. Our lips so close almost touching as we stare into each other’s eyes, enjoying your taste on my fingers. You remove your mouth from my finger, and I do the same and we lean in to kiss. This kiss is so tender and loving. We hold each other close, just wanting to feel the other’s love and warmth in the embrace. You pull me on top of you while we kiss, slipping your hands inside my pants. I quickly undo them and slip them off. You rub my pussy, getting your fingers wet and slick, and I moan into our kiss. I feel you slip a finger in to my hot pussy and I let out a long moan. You work your finger in and out of me and place your thumb on my clit, putting pressure on it. My hips move involuntarily, and I begin riding your hand as I try to kiss you, my head swimming in bliss. You insert another finger into my pussy, and I grip the pillow that your head is laying on. My hips moving faster, I’m unable to focus on kissing you as I just look down at you, enjoying your fingers more than you know. Your other hand slips its way behind me and starts rubbing my star. My head completely drops down as I moan, “Yessssssssssss”. Your finger slides into my ass, and I almost instantly cum, screaming your name in ecstasy. My body spasms on top of you, but you don’t let up until I’m almost fully down from my climax. After you pull your fingers out of me, I collapse on top of you, breathing heavy into the side of your face. You wrap your arms around me and hold me, and I do my best to wrap my arms around you too. We smile at each other and give each other a kiss. I roll off of you and turn you on your side, back facing me. I slide in behind you and wrap my arm around you, holding you tightly against me. We fall asleep like this, in a loving embrace that feels like safety and security. *** For my kitten who came and went like a wisp of smoke. The first girl I called mine.