1. My Summer Job, Chapter Two

    Date: 8/3/2016, Categories: Bisexual, Author: marktreble, Source: LushStories

    mouth on my lips, I lost it. Before I could tell him to take his hands off me and to fuck off, I kissed him back. I punished his lips with my mouth and invaded his mouth with my tongue. One hand yanked his briefs off, the other grasped his male member. I stood up and clutched him to me as we ground our crotches against each other. I pulled him by the hand and said, “Bedroom.” I thought he would understand, but after a few steps he shoved my shoulders downward and suddenly I was kneeling, looking his trouser snake in its eye. My mouth opened and I engulfed him, running my tongue over the head of his cock, sucking him in as far as I could, then letting him go to lick his balls and his shaft. After four or five minutes of this I tasted his essence in my mouth as I was rewarded with a warm gusher of cum. I drank it all down, then began cleaning his cock with my tongue. That’s when Brad said, “Hi.” I looked toward the door. Christine and Erica were staring at me.