1. My first attempt at Double vaginal, and I will try

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: Group Sex, Author: rome_e_o91, Source: xHamster

    I remember a while ago when I had met this woman through a mutual friend. She had a boyfriend, but apparently things weren't too tight between them. I was going out to a party, and I invited 2 of my friends ( male ) to go with me. One friend invited his girlfriend at the time, and a female friend of hers. We went to a reggae party at someone's house, and we had a good time. The female friend of my friend's girlfriend appeared to show some interest in me, so we talked, flirted, and dance during the course of the evening. She had mentioned something about wanting to have a threesome with two men one day. I thought that this was rather interesting. As the night ended, we parted ways, but she asked for my number as for she wanted to see me again. No problem. I talked to her the next day, and then I picked her up and we came back to my place. She MADE me fuck her for hours. It was one of the longest sex sessions that I had ever had in my life! We had several follow up encounters in which one time we played a game of chance, and I lost, and she ended up handcuffing me sitting on the sofa, and then riding my dick until I exploded inside her wet black pussy. Later, I mentioned to my best friend at the time about our sexual escapades, and I also mentioned that this is the girl that wanted to have a 3 some with 2 men. My friend wanted to make this desire of hers a reality, so I attempted to set up a little surprise. I picked her up after work one day, and I told her that we was going ... to hang out with my friend at my place. While at my place, we played cards for a while, and about an hour later, I was giving her subtle hints about what I wanted to happen. She got angry. She and I left my friend alone in the living room, and we went to another room where I attempted to apologize about what I was trying to do. The funny thing is that she responded &#034what if I did want to be with you and your friend?&#034 I told her that since she became angry that there would be no more mention of a threesome, and we could just chill for the rest of the night. But she pressed the issue. So we ending up going back to the living room to my awaiting friend, and I gave my friend a wink, thus telling him that it was going down. We acted out a scenario in which we were the police, and the girl was a female suspect that we suspected of smuggling d**gs, and that we would have to do a body cavity search. She obliged. So we got her naked, and shortly thereafter, we got naked. I was not used to being naked around another man, who also was naked, so I couldn't get hard at first. After all the groping, and sucking, my friend started to fuck her, very well I might add. I then got a hard on. Then I took my turn to fuck her as well. A while later after I fucked her, we tried to get both of our black dicks in her pussy at the same time, but we couldn't keep them in ( but it was fun trying ). I felt a little nervous about having my cock alongside another cock,, but it didn't feel that bad. ...