1. Former Playboy Playmates Part 7: Alyssa’s Journey

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    same Tony whose son TJ, is my half-brother and best friend.” Alyssa’s mouth hung open. “Funny how everything is connected,” He grinned. “I saw a lot of black guys here at the apartment complex, you going to go out on the prowl when your lady parts heal up?” Ulysses asked. “No,” Alyssa smiled, shaking her head. “I don’t need to do that anymore. That time has passed. I’m happy now. I don’t need a distraction.” “Fair enough,” He kissed her lips slowly before he left. “You can stop by every once in awhile though,” she jabbed his side. “I will,” he called out to her, leaving her apartment. Alyssa was alone, looking out the window of her bedroom, contemplating putting on clothes or taking a hot bath. The words “love letters” ran through her mind once more. She wondered if Joshua really was in love with her, or missed her really badly. She didn’t know for sure. “What if he is?” she asked herself. Alyssa smiled, thinking more silly fantasy thoughts, mixed with seeing her son when he arrives for college. She closed her eyes, envisioning being held by him, in his arms, together, away from Owen, reunited. She trailed a hand over a breast, down her gradually flattening tummy. “I can’t wait to see him,” she thought. “It’ll be just the two of us.” Alyssa’s fingers combed through her pubic hair, finding her clit, slowly rubbing it. She stood there, waiting for Joshua. The end. ******************************************** The final part in this series – part 10 – will be Alyssa’s incest story. ********************************************