1. White Briefs Part 3

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: Gay, Author: Imabadboi66, Source: LushStories

    We, (me and Tony) were in a store room and were supposed to be cleaning it out. As we had done for a while now, we took advantage of this opportunity to fuck. He had left his briefs on and had his hard penis ( I love that word!) sticking out of the piss slot. I loved to kiss it, his dick head was so smooth, it would drool and I would lick it clean. After enough of my penis worship he motioned for me to get in position. My pants were down as I had been jacking off while sucking my lover's cock. There was a kitchen chair in the room, I bent over and placed my hands on the back of it exposing my boy pussy to my man. Tony spit on his cock to get a little more lube and slid it up my love tunnel. I was well broken in and it felt so good. Truth be told, it (my cunt) felt empty when we weren't making love, it ached for Tony's intrusion. We were so relaxed in our fucking that we made small talk, "How are you and old man Smith getting along?" he asked. I chuckled, then giggled as Tony played with my nuts and then gave me a reach around, "We get along alright, I just stay out his way." I grunted to Tony in unison with his thrusts. This was a good one today I thought, he is in no hurry. I loved his cock in me, I can't explain in words how satisfying it was. I felt like I was finally in touch with myself, my role in life was to please a man. As he teased my ball sack with his fingers he asked, "How would you like to try a girl?" I looked around the room and replied, "I don't see one ... handy right now." Then I groaned, oh god, that cock! Tony gave my ass a slap, "You smart ass, no wonder you are in this place." he admonished. "Look, I can set it up, if you want to fuck a girl then we can meet her at the vacant cottage." I was puzzled, I am bent over being fucked (did I mention that I like it?) and the fucker is offering the fuckee a girl. "Where are you getting this girl?, how old is she?" I grunted out. "She is 22, Mr. Johnson's daughter, I met her when I did some work at his house. You know how the staff loves free labor," Tony chuckled. "She warmed up to me real quick, I have nailed her a few times, she's the one who supplied the panties for you." Then Tony's pace picked up, he fucked me like the energizer bunny. The room was hot and we were sweaty. His ball sack slapped my ass as my nuts swung in response to his pubes bouncing into my ass cheeks. Then he screamed as he reached up and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. "Take my cum, take it honey, take it all!" he yelled as he shot his hot spunk into me. I loved it when Tony called me "Honey", it made me feel so special. I was kind of jealous that he had sex with this girl, "What's this woman's name?", I asked. Tony was busy with his underwear, he always cleaned his cock off with the pouch area where his dick had been and gave them to me to wear. He tossed me his cum stained briefs and I handed him my cleaner pair, it was like a little ritual that we went through. Tony slipped my undies up his legs and ...