1. Jude and Connor: the kiss Chapter 2

    Date: 8/12/2016, Categories: Fiction, Teen, Fan fiction, First Time, Teen, Author: sexy1998, Source: sexstories.com

    JUDES POV I hung up after that. I couldn't talk any more, the tears that suffocated and humiliated me wouldn't allow it. I couldn't sleep either. I couldn't stop thinking about Connor. Why can't I stop thinking about Connor? His perfectly swept hair, his musky yet brilliant scent, his plaid shirt collection all manifested in my mind. Time slips away and it's only till the sun peaks it head that I notice the time. "Oh no" I think as I remember school in the morning. And my first period is science. With Connor as my partner. Usually it was my favourite lesson but after last nights chat it could and probably would be awkward. I get up early and go about my daily routine: shower, deodorant, clothes, teeth. I head out the door to walk to school, shouting goodbyes to Stef and Lena. As I stroll into school premisses, I notice Daria sat on the school bench with her head in her hands, obviously upset. I was about to check she was okay when I was intercepted by Taylor. "What happened?!" I ask sincerely. "Connor broke up with her this morning. He gave no warning, just dumped her on the spot" she says and a smile creeps on my face because I think I know why he did it. "You know break ups are usually a sad time. But I guess you have a reason to be happy" she was obviously hinting at something. "What's that meant to mean?" I sat worriedly "Well yesterday I was going round Daria's in the afternoon and decided to take a quick detour through the forest" my smile slowly Retreated while I ... realised what she may have seen. "I was very surprised to see a very... Intimate scene between you and Connor!" "Taylor you can't tell anyone! No one can know!" I say with upmost urgency "Okay okay" she replies defensively. "Do you like him?" Her voice changed to more a more serious tone. "No, I don't like him lik-" "If you lie I'll tell Daria what I saw..." She says interrupting me "Okay, fine I like him, but you can't tell anyone!" "I better go check on Daria" she says before winking "and watch out, you never know who's watching in public spaces! Kinda like now!" She leaves and I turn to go to science. I am face to face with Connor. CONNORS POV Jude's words cut me deep. Mainly because I knew they were all true. What we were doing was wrong, even though I didn't like Daria like that didn't mean I could string her along. I spent all night thinking, contemplating what to do, how to fix this with Jude because I was sure about one thing. I am not losing him now. Both of us have suffered enough, I just want to be happy. I remember all that time ago when Jude told me he "didn't want to be anybody's secret" and that's exactly what he had become and that wasn't fair. I want to treat him right, if he gave me a chance I would treat him right but I had to earn that. And it would begin with breaking up with Daria. I know nothing more could happen whilst I'm still with her. But how should I tell her? Will she be upset? Will she hate me? Although she could be... Weird at times I did like Daria ...