1. Another Massage With Shi Shi

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Hardcore, Sex Humor, Author: Frank-o, Source: xHamster

    off. And got another rubber. The put it on me, but with her hands this time. “I fucky you.” And she climbed aboard. Lowering her self slowly onto my cock. Tight and warm, she rose back up. On the balls of her feet, she wiggled into position, and came back down again. Almost off the top, and back down hard. Such tight hard strokes, I was welling up already. Up and down, faster now. She bounced up almost off me and slammed back down. A wet slapping sound with each landing. Like a fucking machine. Her pussy clamped down, that sound again, “Tik tik tik,” She mashed down into me and ground out her climax. Pussy spasiming and I was just about to cum too. She wiggled around, tried to rise up and fuck me more but failed. Useless with ecstasy. I was too close for her to stop now. I grasped her under her ass and lifted her up and brought her back down. And again. I was using her like a life sized pocket pussy. She was spent, but she rocked her weight to help me. Every mussel in my body strained. ALMOST! I lifted her up and brought her back down. My body tense. And then, release. I roared with relief. She moaned too as she felt me erupt inside her. She squeezed her pussy as I held her up now. Spurting again as I raised my hips up to meet her, while slamming her onto me. Fucking straight through my orgasm. One final gush, letting her crash down onto me one last time. Both spent. My cock still inside her. We were one, all lust, all energy exhausted. I don't know how long we stayed there. Eventually we cleaned up and dressed. I started to leave and realized I never payed her. I'm not sure she really wanted it, but since the house got their cut, she deserved hers. I think about Shi Shi all the time. I lost touch with her years ago, but she left me with plenty of fantasies to recall.